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Bali is a bucket-list destination that’s home to some of the most breathtaking beaches in the world, rich culture and traditions, and an incredible fusion of cuisines. With vibrant reefs close to shore, snorkeling from the white-sand beaches of the south is a must-do. No cruise to Bali is complete without a visit to Tanjung Benoa Beach. It’s located just north of the busier and more developed resort areas, and the calm surf and smooth sand make it an ideal beach for families. Just down the main road, you’ll find a vibrant fishing village and plenty of chances to experience the less-traveled side of this exotic wonderland. On your cruise to Bali, be sure to catch an authentic Kecak fire dance performance. Haggle for handmade art, jewelry, carvings, fabrics, and more at the bustling markets. And visit the Pura Lahur Uluwatu, an iconic Balinese temple perched more than 800 feet above the Indian Ocean. Nothing says “paradise” like a cruise to Bali with the best premium cruise line.

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Mount Batur

Many visitors take a quick trip to see this 5,600-foot active volcano near the northeastern village of Kintamani—but it’s better to hire a car and driver and make a day of it. You can stop along the way at the villages of Celuk, Mas, and Batubulan, where Bali’s famous wood- and stone-carvers practice their crafts. Once on the mountain, the lookout at crater’s edge has incomparable views of Lake Batur and the volcano’s still-smoldering cone.

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