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The beautiful little town of Warnemunde provides Germany cruise passengers a jumping-off point to the invigorating city of Berlin. Yet
it’d be a mistake to hurry off to the country’s capital without considering the small-town charm of the less-visited side of Germany while visiting on a Scandinavia cruise.

You could take a bus or train ride past scenic countryside to the city to explore Berlin’s beautiful and historically significant sites. Or you could linger in the port town, located on the northern coast of Germany off the Baltic Sea, or head to other sights in the northern region of the country.

Explore Historic Wonders on a Germany Cruise

Whether you choose to stay in the port cities or venture into the capital city of Berlin, you’re in for an exciting cosmopolitan day filled with historic and cultural attractions. You can also choose to leave the cities behind and explore the German countryside.

Journey to Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and is a city with a long, varied history punctuated by strife. Today, Berlin is a bustling multicultural metropolis home to an extensive arts and culinary scene whose residents haven’t forgotten its past or how far the city has come in the past century.

Explore Rostock

Though many passengers on a Germany cruise are eager to explore Berlin, don’t discount the impressiveness of Rostock, a historic coastal town with remnants of its past as a Hanseatic harbor city. You’ll find lovely gardens and an interesting mix of architecture styles in a picturesque riverside location. 

Sights and Tastes of Warnemunde

In Warnemunde, visit the local fish market for some fresh seafood, then amble down the scenic beach promenade, gaze at its iconic lighthouse, and see Warnemunde’s scale model of the solar system.

Go Beyond the Cities

If you’ve been there, done that when it comes to Berlin, or you want to venture beyond the cities during your Germany cruise, there are other places to visit in the vicinity. Witness the historic grandeur of the area at Castle Schwerin, or pay your respects at a nearby concentration camp.

Featured Germany Cruise Ports

Experience the wonders of Rostock and Berlin on Germany cruise itineraries that take you from Amsterdam to Germany and beyond. Our Scandinavia and Russia sailing departs from Amsterdam and visits Rostock before sailing onto Helsinki, Finland; St. Petersburg, Russia; Tallinn, Estonia; Stockholm, Sweden; and Copenhagen, Denmark before returning to Amsterdam.

Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany

Popular Shore Excursions in Germany

A shore excursion during your Germany cruise is an excellent way to ensure you have an easy going, memorable day in port. A knowledgeable guide will provide background information on the sites you’ll be visiting during the tour, giving you a better understanding of Germany’s history and present-day vibe.

Berlin City Tour

A city tour that takes you all around Berlin is a great shore excursion for those who want to soak in the culture and history of this great city. See the Berlin Wall Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, and beautiful walking trails and memorials within Tiergarten park.

Panoramic Rostock

Gain a better understanding of the northern coast culture of Germany with a shore excursion to the top sites of Rostock, such as the 13th century town hall, Stone Gate, the Gothic and Baroque architecture of the Rathaus, and St. Mary’s Church and its centuries-old astronomical clock.

Train Rides

Experience Germany’s countryside on the Molli steam locomotive train, a historic railcar and route that whisks you between the towns of Bad Doberan and Heiligendamm. You can also take a train ride from the port of Warnemunde to Berlin to see remnants of its Cold War past and other important historic sites.

Award-Winning Cruise Ships in Germany

Celebrity Apex

Celebrity Reflection

Celebrity Silhouette

Helpful Tips Before You Go


Opt for one of our Germany cruises packages by selecting the Flights by Celebrity option when booking and reserve your airfare to Europe at the same time you book your cruise. Flights by Celebrity provides you with a lowest airfare guarantee as well as protection for your vacation investment by ensuring you get to your cruise before it embarks in the event of a flight interruption. Our dedicated team of Flights by Celebrity specialists are available 24/7 to assist you and work on your behalf to get your rebooked if necessary. 

For an especially memorable vacation, sail away to Germany on the Northern Europe Capital Cities itinerary that our brand new ship, Celebrity Apex, will be sailing. 

When shopping in Germany, keep an eye out for memorable souvenirs like beer steins, lederhosen and dirndl attire, and cuckoo clocks. If visiting the Berlin Wall Memorial, you can even purchase pieces of the wall for sale in its gift shop. 

If you’re hoping to dine on traditional German cuisine while in port, look for menu items such as bratwurst, sauerbraten pot roast, and rinderroulade beef rolls.

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