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Award-Winning Cruises to the Mexican Riviera

Travel to some of the most beautiful cities in Mexico while traveling in luxury on a Mexican Riviera cruise. Our cruise itineraries to the Mexican Riviera combine this Pacific coastal region of Mexico with exciting ports of call throughout Central and South America as well as the stunning coastline of California or the islands of Hawaii.

On a Mexican Riviera cruise to Mexico you’ll have the chance to visit the ports of Ensenada or Cabo San Lucas located on the Baja California peninsula, Puerto Vallarta on the central coast of mainland Mexico, and Huatulco in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca.

Mexican Riviera Cruises Offer Something for Everyone

A cruise to the Mexican Riviera will show you some of Mexico’s gorgeous scenery and will get you right in the middle of its vibrant culture.

Guadalupe Valley

The Guadalupe Valley is the up and coming wine region of Mexico, located on the peninsula of Baja California near Ensenada. It is known for its unique wine blends as well as sprawling scenery that includes picturesque vineyards against a rugged mountain backdrop.


Love beaches? Then you’ll love the coastline you’ll encounter on a Mexican Riviera cruise. From a beach beneath El Arco in Cabo San Lucas to the beachfront boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta to the dozens of beaches in Huatulco, you can find a beach vibe and aesthetic for every type of mood.

Food and Fiesta

Feast on tacos made with homemade tortillas and try some of the other delectable cuisine while on a Mexican Riviera cruise. A great way to do this is to eat at a restaurant that has dancers and musicians who perform in the style of a Mexican fiesta.

Mexican Riviera Cruise Ports

During a cruise to the Mexican Riviera you’ll get to explore the gorgeous ports of call located along the mainland coast of Mexico as well as the beautiful Baja California coast. Depending on the itinerary on which you are sailing, you also may visit popular ports of call in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Chile, California, and other exciting destinations!

Popular Shore Excursions in the Mexican Riviera

Whether you’re looking to delight your sense of sight, your sense of taste, or get your heartbeat up with an exhilarating adventure, the shore excursions on a Mexican Riviera cruise will provide you with an exciting and memorable day.

Extreme Sports

Zipline over the canopy of Puerto Vallarta’s lush jungle, go ATVing off the coast of Ensenada, flyboarding in Cabo San Lucas, or raft down a river in Huatulco – whichever extreme sport sounds most exciting to you, the chance for adrenaline inducing shore excursions await on your Mexican Riviera cruise.

Tequila Tasting and Distillery Tour

Mexico is known for its tequila and a cruise to the Mexican Riviera will take you in close proximity to some of the country’s best distilleries. Do a distillery tour where you’ll learn more about the process of making tequila, and then do a tasting to familiarize yourself with the local tequila.

Wine Tasting

Get better acquainted with the Mexican Riviera’s Guadalupe Valley on a shore excursion that takes you to local wineries for tastings and to tour the grounds. You’ll taste some of the region’s best wines while learning more about the art of winemaking in this region of the world.

Boat Ride to El Arco

The most famous sight to see in Cabo San Lucas is El Arco, and no trip is complete without a boat ride around this famous rock. El Arco is a large rock that is part of the Land’s End rock formation a short distance off the coast of Cabo made famous for its arch shape.

Our Award-Winning Mexican Riviera Ships

Celebrity Summit

Celebrity Eclipse

Helpful Tips Before You Go


Which Mexican Riviera cruise port you’ll visit depends on the itinerary you choose. Our Panama Canal itineraries visit Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Our round-trip Pacific Coastal or Hawaii cruises out of Los Angeles call in Ensenada. The cruise itineraries we have that sail between Chile and Southern California will visit Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Huatulco for the ultimate Mexican Riviera cruise.

Mexico accepts the peso, though many places along the Mexican Riviera accept the U.S. dollar. If you find you need pesos once in port, ATMs are available in all the port cities that are visited on a Mexican Riviera cruise; or save yourself the hassle and exchange some money for pesos before you leave for your trip, which is usually the best way to get a better rate.

When sailing to the Mexican Riviera, you can expect to have warm, beach-going weather so you will want to stick in a couple swimsuits and other warm weather clothes. However, depending on what type of itinerary you’re visiting Mexico on you may want to pack some warmer layers, too. The coast of California can get cool in the evenings, and certain areas of Chile have crisp mountain air. If you’re visiting Ensenada while visiting Hawaii, then stick in lots more warm weather clothes and a rain jacket due to those tropical showers the islands can get – and plenty of sunscreen for your beach and island vacation!

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