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Family Cruise Deals for Every Time of Year

Traveling with kids can be expensive and a cruise vacation is an excellent way to make sure you stay in budget since the price of your cruise includes your accommodation, meals, and even some activities. Here are a few ways to find some family cruise deals, including a special offer just on Celebrity Cruises.

Last Minute Family Cruise Deals

If you’re flexible, last-minute cruise deals can be a great way to save on your family vacation. You have to be willing to be not so picky with stateroom location on the ship if you decide to wait since some of the locations may be sold out, along with certain categories (for example, veranda staterooms on Alaska cruises tend to sell out quickly for desirable dates), but you may find a great deal on the perfect cruise for you and your family.

Cruise During Off-Peak Times for Family Cruise Deals

This can be tricky if your kids are older and you don’t want them missing school. However, some school districts have mid-winter break, which can be a less busy time of year to cruise. A February cruise vacation to the Caribbean sounds pretty nice, right? And then you’ll avoid all the spring breakers that head there in March and April.

If your children’s school don’t have a mid-winter break, consider trying to time your summer vacation for closer to shoulder season. It of course depends when your kids’ summer break starts and ends, but if you can get away on your vacation right after the school year ends before most other families generally plan to take their summer vacation, you may be hitting right at the end of shoulder season for certain destinations like Alaska and Europe when you can sometimes find better cruise deals.

Get Family Cruise Deals Through Celebrity Cruises’ Perk Promotion

Another way to get family cruise deals is to take advantage of Celebrity Cruises’ Pick Your Perk promotion. This is one of the best cruise deals around and not just for the first two people in a stateroom (which you’ll often see advertised for cruising) but also third and fourth passengers in a stateroom – which are very often families taking advantage of that extra sleep space!

The Pick Your Perk offer provides a way to customize your cruise to make it more price-inclusive in a way that is best for you and your needs. You get to pick from four perk options, which include the following:

  • Classic Beverage Package (includes alcoholic beverages)
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi (can be accessed from common areas or your stateroom)
  • Prepaid Gratuities (covers tips for your dining team and room attendants)
  • $150 to Spend on Board (use it toward spa treatments, specialty restaurants, shore excursions, and more)

If you book a suite, you get all four perks plus an upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package which gets you access to higher end wines and liquors plus craft beers.

Now for those perks that are an excellent value for families. While the parents take advantage of one of the above perks, the kids (3rd and 4th passengers in the stateroom) get their own special deal, which can vary depending on the perk promotion currently on offer. Check the current cruise deals to find out how you can save on your family vacation. Then instead of worrying about the budget, you can use your family vacation to focus on what’s most important: family bonding time away from the stresses of day to day life.

If you need more space, Celebrity Cruises has suites that can sleep up to six people as well as connecting staterooms for select veranda staterooms.

Family Cruise Deals Get You Family Fun on Celebrity Cruises

After you find the family cruise deals that will get your family to the destination you all are dreaming about, start planning all the fun you’re going to have in port and on the ship.

Celebrity Cruises has fun for the whole family on board its fleet of ships. Together, you can figure out where to dine each night to experience the wide range of specialty restaurants Celebrity Cruises offers, or let each family member have a night to choose the restaurant.

For entertainment, cruise guests of all ages will be wowed by the theater shows on board as well as the outdoor cinema on some of the ships.

Celebrity Cruises also has sections of its ships dedicated just to its younger passengers. Kid zones are located on the ship that are broken out into different areas based on age: ages three to five (Shipmates), ages six to eight (Cadets), and ages nine to 11 (Ensigns).

No matter the age, your kid will find fun in their kid zone that includes crafts and games, sport activities, movies, music time, plus more activities and events that will keep kids engaged and excited for each new day on the cruise.

If you’re traveling with babies and toddlers under the age of three, you can take them to the Toddler Time Room, where you can watch your little ones have fun while getting some energy out.

Teenagers can hang out in the X-Club and also attend social events scheduled during the cruise like dances (which are supervised) and sporting competitions. Teenagers also have special programming on Celebrity Cruises that is perfect for today’s modern teen, such as the iTake video project, which teaches teens how to use a GoPro camera to create a video following a storyboard plan. They’ll even get instruction in Celebrity’s iLounge computer room on how to expertly edit the videos.

Find Family Cruise Deals with Celebrity Cruises

If you’re ready to book your family vacation, check for family cruise deals with Celebrity Cruises and then head over to the #BookItList page, which is a convenient booking platform for cruisers where you can book your cruise, flights, and shore excursions all in one place. If you’re a busy parent, you don’t have much extra time to plan a trip – Celebrity Cruises makes it easy for you so you can turn your family bucket list into reality.

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