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A South America cruise to Buzios, Brazil takes you to a gorgeous coastal town located to the east of Rio de Janeiro. Buzios is known for its upscale resort vibe and many beautiful beaches. Its location on the tip of a peninsula means you’re close to the ocean no matter where you are. Its ocean surroundings also mean it has roots as a fishing village. After ‘60s movie star Brigitte Bardot discovered it, Buzios has been a popular vacation destination ever since.

Please Note: While we don't currently sail to Buzios, you can still discover the beauty of the country on one of our Brazil cruises. Browse our cruises to Brazil below.

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Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises to Buzios

Ponta da Lagoinha

For some epic scenery, visit Ponta da Lagoinha in Buzios, which is a curving bay often called the Brazilian Himalayas due to it impressive rock formations along the beach surrounded by thick vegetation. The rocks create natural pools where you can look for sea life during low tide. Visiting Ponta da Lagoinha also gives you the opportunity to learn more about the geological makeup of the area thanks to its helpful information boards.

Ferradura Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches to visit in Buzios due to its stunning beauty defined by its horseshoe shape and white sand. The deep teal blue of the ocean and rolling green vegetation behind it frames the beach. Among that vegetation, you’ll find shops and restaurants that provide an excellent place to take a break from the sun when you need it. It’s a great beach for all ages, including children, due to its calm waters.

Praia da Armação

Armação Beach is another one of Buzios’ breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Armação Beach is a great beach for lounging on the sand or trying some windsurfing. Walk along the perimeter of the beach to visit the adjacent restaurants and shops. It’s also close to Igreja de Sant’Ana, a lovely little church atop a hill with a thatched roof and blue color accents.

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Top Things to Do in Buzios

Explore Buzios By Boat

Boat tours in Buzios are a popular way to spend the day. You can take a boat to a spot for snorkeling or to a reef to go scuba diving. There are also relaxing schooner cruises and boat transfers that will take you to secluded beaches.

Watersports at the Beach

Head to one of the Buzios beaches that are best known for watersports to have an active day at the beach. Some good options are Geriba for surfing, Joao Fernandes Beach for swimming and snorkeling, and Manguinhos for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Take a Trolley Tour

One of the most fun ways to explore the whole town of Buzios and learn about its history and culture is on a trolley ride. The Buzios trolley is a quaint mode of transportation with an open-air ambiance that will take you by 12 different beaches as well as to two separate lookout points. You’ll also enjoy picture-worthy views as you ride along some of Buzios’ most beautiful areas, like Rua das Pedras and the Orla Bardot promenade.

Top Food and Drink Spots Near the Buzios Cruise Port

Buzios is known for its delicious food scene that has a focus on fresh ingredients and seafood. Some good options for dining while stopped on a Buzios cruise include:

O Barco

This is a great place to dine for waterfront views and traditional fish stew and other seafood dishes.

Belli Belli

This trendy spot is a great place for tapas and drinks, which you can enjoy on its open-air deck.


Come here for stunning views from its hilltop location and lounge with a glass wall overlooking the ocean. The menu focuses on high-quality fish dishes.

Rocka Beach Lounge

Try some creatively prepared seafood dishes in a chic setting that includes parlor seats and beds spread out on the terraced slope leading down to the beach from the lounge.

Bar Do Ze

For an upscale meal in Buzios, head here and order the fresh fish or barbecue steak. Many of the menu items also have Mediterranean flavor accents.

Culture & History of the Buzios Cruise Port

Once a small fishing village, Buzios is now a bustling beach town known for incredible beaches, excellent cuisine, and a ritzy atmosphere. The culture in Buzios is very beach-centric with a heavy focus on body image and sports. Fitness is important in Buzios, as local residents visit the beach frequently, where water sports are prevalent.

In addition, the residents and business owners of Buzios are focused on keeping the town beautiful. No building in Buzios can be higher than two stories since a law was put into place in 1970. Much of the architectural style in Buzios incorporates natural materials like wood that are high in quality.

Buzios Port Facilities & Location

The Buzios cruise port of call is a tender port, meaning your ship will anchor offshore and you’ll be tendered to the harbor on a smaller boat. The tenders take about 10 minutes each way, and the wharf where you’ll be dropped off is conveniently located right in the downtown area of Buzios. You’ll get right off the tender boat and be steps away from shops, restaurants, beaches, and other attractions, or you’ll get off and meet your shore excursion guide for a day of fun and adventure in port.

Transportation in Buzios

The tender wharf in Buzios typically has buses, taxis, and even aqua taxis waiting by it. Within town, you’ll find a small bus system that connect downtown with some of the area’s most popular beaches.

If you’re planning to mostly walk around Buzios (which is completely doable), a good guideline to remember is that José Bento Ribeiro Dantas Road is Buzios’ main road. It traverses most of the town and connects with Praia dos Ossos beach, which is also near popular Azeda Beach.

Shopping Near the Buzios Cruise Port

You won’t find much in terms of malls or shopping complexes in Buzios, but you will find some pretty fantastic boutique shopping. One of the best places to shop in Buzios is along Rua das Pedras, which is lined by stores selling everything from one-of-a-kind clothing to popular brand names, local art, and other souvenirs.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

The official currency in Brazil is the Brazilian Real. You can find ATMS at banks in the downtown area of Buzios. In addition, many local businesses accept credit cards. Cash exchange services are limited in Buzios, and if you do exchange money locally, be sure to do it at an authorized location. You typically don’t need to give tipping much thought in Brazil. If it’s expected, it will already added to the bill as a service charge, usually for 10%.

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