Cruise to Costa Rica for a Tropical Getaway

For many travelers, Costa Rica is synonymous with surf, sand, and sun – with some rainforests and sloths thrown in. It is an exotic locale that will be a highlight of your cruise if you’re lucky enough to have an itinerary that stops in Costa Rica. Located in Central America between Panama and Nicaragua, it’s a bit of a trek to get to, but it’s worth taking the extra vacation days to embark on a Celebrity Cruises sailing that stops in Costa Rica.

A port of call in Costa Rica will introduce you to this beautiful country that is thick with nature and wildlife. You’ll have the chance to see cloud forests, visit a sloth sanctuary, see monkeys and crocodiles out in the wild, or simply lie on a peaceful beach. However you choose to spend your day, you’re in for some blissful memories thanks to a cruise to Costa Rica.





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How to Sail to Costa Rica

You can cruise to Costa Rica on our Panama Canal and Caribbean cruise itineraries that include stops in Central America. You can also embark on Costa Rica on a South America cruise, which sails up the east coast of South America to California (or vice versa).

When sailing a Panama Canal cruise, you’ll do a half loop from the Atlantic to the Pacific sides of the United States, typically departing from San Diego, California, sailing down through the Panama Canal and ending in Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Florida (or the itinerary is switched and you’ll sail westbound from Florida). Along the way, you’ll get an epic day spent in Puntarenas, Costa Rica, with your Celebrity Cruises ship pulling right into Puntarenas proper.

Cruises to Chile sail from Southern California (San Diego or Los Angeles) to San Antonio, Chile (or vice versa). Along the way, you’ll cruise to Costa Rica as well as visit other ports of call along the west coast of North and South America, such as Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Manta, Ecuador; and Lima, Peru.

To visit Puerto Limón, look for one of our Caribbean and the Americas itineraries that combine ports of call at Caribbean islands with stops at some of Central America’s most popular cruise destinations, including Costa Rica. These itineraries typically leave from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and sail for eleven or twelve nights.

Costa Rica Cruises Offer Surf, Sand & Sun

Surf and Sand

The beaches you can visit during a Costa Rica cruise are legendary. On the west coast, you’ll find pockets of calm bays for swimming and stretches of wave breaks that make for exhilarating surfing. Costa Rica’s east coast borders the calm, teal water of the Caribbean, making for a blissful beach day.

Exotic Forests

Costa Rica has tropical rainforests and cloud forests, which provide visitors with activities that make you feel like you’re an adventurous explorer. From nature walks to jungle cruises to canopy-top ziplining, you’ll get your adrenaline going while learning about the flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

Hustle & Bustle of San Jose

Experience the frenetic energy of Costa Rica’s largest city and capital: San Jose. Located in the Central Valley Region, San Jose is home to beautiful architecture and national landmarks that are made even more alluring by the mountain landscape surrounding the city.

Costa Rica Cruise Ports

Costa Rica has beautiful port cities all around its coastline, but the ones you’ll become familiar with on a Costa Rica cruise are Puntarenas and Puerto Limón. The two cities are located on opposite coasts, but both have breathtaking beaches and rainforest canopies at which to marvel.

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Popular Shore Excursions in Costa Rica

Rainforest Canopy Adventures

The rainforests of Costa Rica are a huge draw for those on Costa Rica cruises, and shore excursions give you lots of options for how to experience them from above. Take an aerial tram over the canopy, walk along a suspension bridge, or get a thrill from ziplining over the treetops.

Coffee Tours

Coffee is a big part of the economy in Costa Rica. On a coffee tour, observe how coffee is grown and harvested, tour the grounds of a working coffee farm and learn how the coffee beans are milled. Plus, you’ll get to taste a freshly brewed cup of Costa Rican coffee.

Jungle Cruises

Puntarenas is close to Tarcoles River, which has one of the largest crocodile habitats in the world; an eco-cruise down it is an awe-inspiring jungle experience. In Puerto Limón, you can also do a jungle cruise through the Tortuguero Canals and see abundant foliage along its banks as well as many animals.

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Helpful Tips Before You Go


With Costa Rica's many beaches and rainforests to explore, you will want to pack accordingly for this tropical paradise. It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear it rains a considerable amount in Costa Rica. However our cruises sail to Costa Rica during the dry season from October to March, so you won’t have to worry about any summer downpours during your vacation. To be safe, you may want to pack waterproof shoes and jackets anyway, just in case you get wet at some point.

Bring swimsuits appropriate for lounging on the beach and enduring in any water sports, such as surfing those famous Costa Rica waves. Pack comfortable closed-toe shoes for exploration, not just flip flops or sandals. These will especially come in handy on certain shore excursions, such as hiking or ziplining the rainforests of Costa Rica. Don’t head for your cruise to Costa Rica without proper sunscreen, strong bug spray and a solid camera for capturing Costa Rica’s landscape and wildlife.

It’s always smart to carry local currency when traveling internationally, which in this case is Colones, but don’t stress too much about exchanging it all beforehand. US dollars are readily accepted in Costa Rica and can be used in majority of touristic destinations, such as our Puntarenas and Puerto Limon cruise ports.

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