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Do It Here, Then Do It There…

If you love to cook or simply love good cuisine, then you may be addicted to some of the popular chef shows out there such as Top Chef and Iron Chef. Did you know that you can experience those first hand thanks to an upcoming event in SoCal and an itinerary with Celebrity Cruises?

Iron Chef at Golden Foodies

First Iron Chef. One of the famed chefs from that tv show is Simon Majumdar, who is known for his ambition to “Go Everywhere. Eat Everything.” He is also the author of three food books, the third one of which is coming out later this year. If you’re a fan of Simon Majumdar, then you’ll want to get yourself to the Golden Foodies, as he’ll be hosting this year’s ceremony.

The Golden Foodies are September 27 at the Fairmont in Newport Beach. For more information, click here.

Top Chef at Sea

After getting your fill of one Iron Chef, immerse yourself into the world of Top Chef. Bravo’s much-loved television show has partnered up with Celebrity Cruises for a Top Chef at Sea signature cruise this November in the Caribbean.

The 7-night cruise departs November 14 and includes fun-filled Top Chef activities onboard, such as Quickfire Challenges, “Dual” Cooking Demonstrations, Cheftestant meet and greets and Top Chef led shore excursions.

Whether at home at the Golden Foodies or at sea with Top Chef — or both — get ready for some foodie fun!

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