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NOVEMBER 14, 2014


Thanks to the warm sunshine and peaceful ocean, Southern California can be a great place to spend the holidays. This may make it hard for SoCal residents to want to leave when they often have extra days off around the holidays that they can use to enjoy this gorgeous region they live in. If this sounds like you, here are a few reasons why you may want to leave SoCal behind and head out on a one of a kind luxury holiday at sea.

Similar Warm Weather – Which You Happen to Love During the Holidays

Heading to the Caribbean or South Pacific over the holidays might be too much of a weather switch for those northeastern and Midwest folks in our country. No snow on Christmas? They can’t wrap their heads around it. But for southern Californians, excellent weather during December is par for the course so experiencing sunshine on a cruise will be just like having it at home – only you’ll be in a much more exotic locale!


Avoid Playing Holiday Host

If you have relatives in colder parts of the country who are looking to escape the winter cold this holiday season with their extra vacation days and keep hinting at your guest bedroom, you have an excuse not to play host. “Sorry, I’d love to have you here for the holidays, but I’m actually going to be sailing around the Caribbean!” Now doesn’t that have a better ring to it than hosting tiresome houseguests?


No Delayed Flights Due to Blizzards

Air travel is easier from SoCal over the holidays. Yes, the airports are still crowded and busy, but you don’t have to worry about your plane being delayed from taking off from LAX because of a snowstorm. Hint: This tactic only works if you avoid layovers in northern states prone to snow and ice freezes.


You Don’t Have to Give Up the Ocean

If you’re used to being by the ocean for the holidays, a holiday at sea is excellent because you’re literally surrounded by salt water for the majority of your vacation. While in port you can also do beach and ocean excursions – and if you’re sailing to the Caribbean or another tropical destination you’ll actually be able to enjoy your time in the water because the current won’t be so cold like it is here in SoCal in the winter.

If you’re interested in a holiday cruise (or escaping on a cruise at another time of year) give us a call at 1-800-647-2251 or visit us at Celebrity Cruises


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