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Beyond the cutting-edge venues, thrilling entertainment, and luxe spaces designed to make you feel right at home—if home happened to be a sleek, futuristic, artsy haven at sea—Celebrity Edge is also leading the way in creative cruise cocktails.

What better time to branch out and try something new than when you’re on vacation? Our expert mixologists and bartenders are always whipping up new delights to imbibe and enjoy.

People drinking at Luminae restaurant on Celebrity


We’ll introduce you to cruise ship drinks inspired by our global travels, the destinations you’ll sail to, sourced from the finest spirits and liquors available.

One-of-a-kind martini experiences. Thirst-quenching, fruity spritzes by the pool. Daiquiris, piña coladas, and all the sunny day classics. You’ll find them all on Celebrity Edge.

Here are 10 cruise cocktails you can try during your cruise.

1: The Banana Man at Martini Bar

People drinking martinis at the bar counter

Martini Bar

You’ve probably never had a Banana Man before, but you can order one at Martini Bar & Crush, where we’re always rewriting the rules to take martini mixology to the next level.

Bourbon, allspice, and black walnut bitters garnished with orange zest and banana chips make for a totally unique experience.

Of course, classic gin and vodka martinis are mainstays on the menu—shaken, stirred, dirty, or with a twist, however you like them best.

2: Rye Sangria at The Retreat® Lounge

Classy interior of Retreat Lounge on Celebrity

The Retreat Lounge

The Retreat Lounge is exclusively available to guests of The Retreat, a sophisticated space where your dedicated server will offer morning coffee, complimentary bites in the afternoon, and, by night, mix delicious drinks. Come to The Retreat Lounge for a pre-dinner aperitif or a delicious nightcap.

Try the Rye Sangria, a tropical, fresh sangria double-strained and served on the rocks for a smooth experience. Jack Daniels Rye and Cointreau, an orange liqueur, livens up this red-wine sangria.

3: The Old World Old Fashioned at Cyprus

Beautiful interior of Cyprus restaurant on Celebrity


Woodford Reserve Bourbon leads the dance for this tried-and-true Old Fashioned, inspired by hundreds of years of Turkish influence and history.

Aromatic bitters, dark rum, orange bitters, and a grape liqueur paint a rich picture. Garnished with a Turkish fig, you’ll be transported to Cyprus instantly.

At Cyprus Restaurant, you’ll discover the flavors and cocktails that fully embody Mediterranean summers, like fresh mint, lemon, and lime.

4: Bezzera & Rye at Luminae

Modern interior of Luminae on Celebrity


Guests of The Retreat® have exclusive access to Luminae, a private restaurant featuring an exclusive menu you can’t find anywhere else on board.

Sip on a full-bodied Bezzera & Rye, in which classic Jack Daniel’s fuses beautifully with a splash of vermouth and fig demerara, a dark rum fermented from molasses. A dash of black walnut bitters adds a subtle touch of sweetness.

5: The Eclipse Manhattan at Martini Bar

Luxurious interior of Martini Bar and Grand Plaza

Martini Bar

For a flair of drama, you can’t go wrong with the Eclipse Manhattan. Dark as a midnight sky, the Eclipse is a take on the Manhattan that’s slightly more interesting.

Rye whiskey, red wine, orange bitters, and amaro create an intense, black beverage that you’ll find in few other parts of the ship. Dark luxardo cherries are, quite literally, the cherry on top.

6: The French Daiquiri at Normandie

French interior of Normandie restaurant on Celebrity


Travel to the French countryside in a coupe glass at Normandie Restaurant when you sip a French Daiquiri.

Light and airy, this concoction mixes Bacardi rum with rose and a sweet vermouth with lime juice and simple syrup for complex and refreshing flavors. Garnished with an elegant edible flower, this cocktail is perfectly photogenic.

7: 75 in the Sun at Sunset Bar

The best vacation days are temperate and breezy, so we created a cocktail to remind you of how it feels to enjoy a sunny, 75-degree day with no work, meetings, or to-do lists.

All the sweetness of honey syrup and pineapple juice is cut with a splash of lemon juice and quality Buffalo Trace Bourbon in a cocktail that will remind you of an unforgettable sunset.

Surrounded by the waning daylight at Sunset Bar, this cocktail is topped with sparkling wine for extra texture.

8: The Fig at Eden

Lush interior of Eden on Celebrity


Bourbon lovers will return to The Fig time and again. Shaken and double-strained bourbon, fig syrup, bitters, lemon juice, and beet and carrot juice create a delightful, subdued cocktail that reminds us of a lush rainforest.

Beautiful mission figs complete the look. Who says your cocktail can’t be the star of the show at least once?

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9: Champagne Cobbler at Martini Bar

People hanging out at Martini Bar

Martini Bar

We say being on vacation is enough reason to celebrate with a glass (or bottle) of bubbly. When it comes to champagne, we keep it simple, garnishing with orange wedges and raspberries. Ultimately, at Martini Bar, we want the champagne in our Champagne Cobbler to shine.

10: The Curtain Call

Modeled after the classic Old Fashioned, the Curtain Call is fitting for the beginning or the end of a night out on your vacation. Pineapple-infused rye, grenadine, amaro nardini, and a dash of bitters brightens your entire evening.

Stirred, strained, and served on the rocks, the Curtain Call is garnished with an orange and lemon swath.

There are so many cruise ship drinks to choose from, whether you prefer whiskey on the rocks or a fruity, frozen cocktail. Explore our beverages packages and sample your favorites during your next cruise vacation.

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