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Cook up dishes with tropical flavors perfect for the whole family

Celebrity’s onboard chefs and Fine Cooking’s expert editors seek to inspire you with their love of food and travel by sharing their favorite Caribbean dishes in Cooking Caribbean for the Family, a 10-recipe collection.

“Caribbean cooking is an amazing confluence of cuisines like Cajun, Creole, Latin American, African, Indian, and Chinese,” says Cornelius Gallagher, Michelin-starred chef and Associate VP of Food & Beverage at Celebrity. The dishes are humble and approachable, a direct reflection of the people who prepare them.

Celebrity Cruises offers over 30 Caribbean cruise ports in 19 countries where you can unwind in paradise and discover the cuisine and culture that make each island unique.

Introduce your family to the tropics before you sail by preparing one or more of these vibrant Caribbean recipes at home.

For a soul-satisfying family meal, cook up a pot of Callaloo Soup, a popular Caribbean dish with many variations. Celebrity Cruises Chef Recardo James, a native of Jamaica, offers his recipe that combines leafy green callaloo, the edible leaves of the amaranth plant, with onions, garlic, herbs, and jalapeños. Add diced sweet potatoes, white potatoes, red beans, chicken broth, and coconut milk, and let the dish simmer to meld the flavors.

Pair the soup with a simple and simply sensational dessert of pineapple and rum upside-down cake. Celebrity Cruises chef Juan Julia, who hails from the Philippines, shares his favorite recipe, which is classic right down to the maraschino cherries that fill the centers of the pineapple slices. The rum adds a flip of flavor and gives the cake an authentic Caribbean vibe.

Celebrity Cruises chef Phelisiano Drysdale’s Jamaican jerk chicken drumsticks recipe highlights the native spices that give Caribbean cuisine that special zing: nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon, and ginger.

See the entire collection of exclusive Caribbean recipes below and make your favorites at home.

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