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Experience Asia's fascinating culture, remarkable architecture, and natural wonders

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Experience an unforgettable vacation with these Asia cruise tips 

Asia. In one word, the mention of this continent conjures images of stunning metropolises with skyscrapers craning up as far as the eye can see. Modern wonders, ancient shrines, and historic palaces and temples await your exploration. On our Asia cruises, you’ll visit thrilling ports of call and stay overnight in some of the region’s biggest cities. 

We’ve put together dozens of travel tips for the adventurous traveler on a cruise across Asia—from the best food to eat to top destinations you can visit. Here, you’ll get travel inspiration before your cruise vacation. 

The cities of Asia honor rich culture and reach for the future all at once. Soak up the beauty of Thailand, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Discover bayside relaxation, natural wonders, and ancient, gilded temples in Phuket. Explore Singapore’s famously photogenic Garden of the Bay, where colorful sculptures and lush greenhouses are just the beginning. 

See the best of Japan on our 14-night itineraries, where you’ll enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine and see cherry blossoms bloom in spring. Enjoy thousands of years of history on display in cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Okinawa. Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Philippines, surrounded by turquoise-blue waters that make for the perfect beach day.