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Watch the culinary magic happen

Adventurous foodies know that Celebrity Cruises is the premier culinary cruise line, providing unparalleled food experiences onboard that are inspired by the global destinations we visit. From the comfort of your cruise ship, you can taste the world in a day. Sip espresso or cappuccino at Cafe al Bacio. Visit a French patisserie at Le Grand Bistro. Enjoy bar bites and American classics by the pool, or journey to Japan for fresh sushi at sea at Raw on Five. Whatever your tastes, you’ll have your pick of dozens of restaurants and cuisines during your cruise.

With plenty of options for complimentary restaurants, which are already included in your booking, you’ll enjoy fresh takes on classic French, Italian, and Mediterranean dishes. Guests of The Retreat® have exclusive access to a private restaurant with dishes designed by our Global Culinary Brand Ambassador, the Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Boulud.

Watch these food videos for a sense of the culinary wonders you’ll experience on a cruise with Celebrity. Whether you’re meeting celebrity chefs as part of the annual Moveable Feast cruise or taking part in shore excursions that take you to markets in the Mediterranean or salmon fishing in Alaska, there’s something for all taste buds. Get inspired, get hungry, and get started planning your Celebrity Cruises culinary experiences.