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If you eat healthy at home, you might be worried about finding fresh, nutritious food during a cruise vacation. You may have heard stories about people gaining weight on cruises and the endless temptations to indulge at every turn.

While there are plenty of tasty treats on board, there are also numerous ways to stick to a healthy diet without missing out on the innovative cuisine onboard.

Here are some top tips on how to eat healthy on a cruise ship.

Learn The Menu Symbols

A platter of Spinach salad from Murano on Celebrity

Murano’s Spinach Salad

If there’s a certain diet you follow, it’s easy to scan the menu to find dishes you can eat. Menu items are noted with a special symbol if they are gluten-free, free of added sugar, lactose-free, vegetarian, or fit fare. The fit fare menu items combine natural flavor and balanced nutrition without compromising on taste.

No matter which restaurant you choose to dine in while cruising with Celebrity, you can find healthy menu options every night of your cruise.

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Tell Waitstaff About Your Dietary Preferences

Crew talking to guests for order


If you’re looking for healthier options or stick to a vegetarian, pescetarian, or gluten-free diet, let your waitstaff know so they can keep you informed about options on the menu that are meat-free. Sometimes, there might even be alternative dishes not listed on the menu.

With a set dining time for dinner in the Main Restaurant and the same waitstaff throughout your cruise, they’ll do their best to cater to your needs and help you identify the healthiest choices.

Order A Smoothie For Breakfast

Refreshing smoothies from The Spa Cafe

The Spa Cafe’s Smoothies

You don’t have to compromise getting a generous portion of fruits and vegetables while on vacation. Ice-cold smoothies and nutrient-dense, fresh-pressed juices are another way to stay cool and enjoy a sweet treat without resorting to chocolate or ice cream.

Create Your Own Salads

One way to manage your appetite while eating nutrient-packed meals is to opt for a salad at lunch. Make them more filling by adding protein or nuts. Drizzle with olive oil or opt for a zesty vinaigrette.

Building your own salad at Oceanview Cafe is one of the ways to eat healthy on a cruise

Oceanview Cafe

Eating a salad for lunch helps you eat more vegetables during the day and allows you to indulge at dinner, whether that means ordering a small dessert or an extra glass of wine. The salad bar at Oceanview Cafe has every type of healthy salad topping you can think of.

Upgrade To AquaClass

If you want a menu that is entirely dedicated to healthy cuisine yet still deliciously decadent, opt to stay in an AquaClass Stateroom.

Elegant and modern interior of SEA Thermal Suite spa

SEA Thermal Suite

AquaClass guests on Celebrity Cruises get a spa-focused vacation that even extends to dining. In addition to unlimited access to the relaxation rooms in the spa on board (the SEA Thermal Suite on Edge-Class ships and the Persian Garden on the rest of the fleet), access to a spa concierge, and special spa amenities in the stateroom, guests staying in an AquaClass stateroom get exclusive access to Blu.

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Beautifully-served Summer Squash Salad from Blu

Blu’s Summer Squash Salad

Blu is a Mediterranean-inspired dining room that serves healthy, flavorful cuisine. Exclusive to AquaClass guests and guests of The Retreat, Blue is open for breakfast and dinner each day of the cruise, as well as lunch during port days and on embarkation day.

Dine At The Spa Cafe

how to eat healthy on a cruise: eat at the Spa Cafe

The Spa Cafe’s Acai Bowls

The Spa Café in the solarium is open to everyone and serves items that are included in your cruise fare. Located close to the onboard spa, the Spa Café offers healthy options for breakfast and lunch.

For breakfast, you’ll find healthy options like fruit and yogurt parfaits, organic bread and freshly made jams, and omelets filled with veggies.

For lunch, choose a handcrafted salad, a light antipasto platter, soup of the day, or a freshly prepared meat dish served with steamed or grilled vegetables. Treat yourself to a healthy dessert from the organic poached fruits bar.

Modern interior of Celebrity solarium


Take your healthy lunch to one of the nearby tables and admire the sea view. Since these tables are adjacent to the hot tubs, pool, and lounge chairs of the Solarium, you’ll instantly be put into a relaxed mood, making for a meal with both mental and nutritional health benefits.

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Remember the Joy of Savoring

Savoring each moment rather than over-indulging will remind you just how important culinary experiences are when you travel the world.

Couple eating at Blu restaurant on Celebrity


Immersive animated tabletops that bring your meal to life before your eyes. The finest collection of wine and spirits at sea. On the ship, you’ll travel to a Parisian bistro or an Italian cafe. You’ll enjoy the freshest Japanese cuisine, or maybe follow a Mediterranean diet while you’re on vacation.

Learn more about the vast culinary options available on Celebrity Cruises and start planning your healthy getaway today.

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