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Aerial shot of kayakers in turquoise waters

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Explore the world with these travel destination videos

There are so many places you can go on a cruise vacation. Island hop the Caribbean’s pristine islands, suntanning on white-sand beaches, swimming with stingrays, and sighting dolphins in their natural habitats. Spend a week in the Mediterranean, cruising from the French Riviera to quaint Italian coastal towns along the way. Enjoy Europe’s historic capital cities and incredible art museums.

Experience North America in style, whether you’re touring New England’s lighthouses in Maine and Rhode Island, or soaking up the frenetic energy of the Big Apple. For an adrenaline rush like no other, follow your North Star to Alaska. Hike Alaskan glaciers and venture into its depths on a one-of-a-kind cruisetour.

Come along to the South Pacific on an Australia and New Zealand walkabout, or explore Asia’s biggest cities from Hong Kong to Singapore, Tokyo to Beijing. These are just a handful of destinations you can visit onboard our luxury cruise ships.

With these travel destination videos, see some of the places you’ll go and the things you’ll do. Find your perfect destination and start planning your cruise vacation.