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Sail beyond your wildest imagination. Discover the world’s most inspiring destinations.

Explore This Wide, Wild World with Celebrity

When we say Celebrity sails beyond, we mean it. Far-flung wildernesses. Urban jungles. Quaint Mediterranean fishing villages. The legendary wildlife of Alaska and the Galapagos. Romantic afternoons spent admiring the Eiffel Tower and riding a gondola through the canals of Venice. Historic jaunts to The Eternal City’s greatest sites.

Set sail with us to over 300 destinations in 79 countries, featuring hand-crafted itineraries, personalized shore excursions, and elevated intuitive service, all from the comfort of our luxurious cruise ships. We know that just seeing the world isn’t enough—you want to taste the world, to savor its beauty, and to soak up different cultures and experiences.

From sunny getaways to the Bahamas and the Caribbean to European cruises exploring the continent’s capital cities or Australia and New Zealand’s breathtaking landscapes, we cruise to the world’s most-coveted destinations in style.

The world is ready to meet you, and we’re ready to take you there. While you’re here, you’ll find helpful travel tips, destination inspiration, guides to hidden gems, and much more to satiate your curiosity on what to expect and help you prepare for your unforgettable cruise vacation.