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As hurricane relief efforts continue throughout the Caribbean and South Florida, we’re working closely with local officials to understand port readiness and recovery timing.

Several upcoming itineraries have been modified in response to the latest information available. If you’re booked on a sailing that has been modified, you’ll receive detailed information regarding the changes.

 Our friends, neighbors and family affected by these storms are never far from our thoughts. We expect many of our favorite ports to recover quickly and plan to resume our visits as soon as possible.

We truly appreciate your ongoing patience during this difficult time, and look forward to providing you with an unforgettable Caribbean vacation.

Celebrity Constellation®

Long Caribbean itineraries departing October 31, 2020 through April 19, 2021

Celebrity Edge® - 08/30/19

10-Night Italy, Spain and Monaco Cruise

Celebrity Eclipse® - Itinerary Modification

Celebrity Eclipse® - 11/20/19

16-Night Los Angeles to Chile Cruise

Celebrity Eclipse® - 03/15/20

15-Night Chile to San Diego Cruise

Celebrity Millenium® - Itinerary Modification

Celebrity Millenium® - 09/06/19

15-Night Bering Sea and Japan Cruise

Celebrity Millenium® - 10/12/19

14-Night Japan, Korea, & China Cruise

Celebrity Millenium® - 11/23/19

14-Night Japan, China & Taiwan Cruise

Celebrity Reflection® - 08/13/19

12-Night British Isles Voyage

Celebrity Solstice® - 2019

7-Night Alaska Glacier cruise