Celebrity Edge® is changing the future of entertainment at sea—or anywhere else, for that matter. We’ve raised the bar on vacations to even greater heights with onboard entertainment that is just as revolutionary, just as technologically mind-blowing, and just as carefully crafted as Celebrity Edge itself.

Visionary design and innovative entertainment come together through the collaborative genius of Scott Butler, the award-winning founding partner of Wilson Butler Architects; Patricia Urquiola, world-renowned industrial designer and art director; and Tom Wright, internationally acclaimed architect and designer of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai.

Experiential, imaginative performances stay with you long after your voyage has ended. Through exclusive brand partnerships with Black Skull Creative, and the whimsical team at Three In One Entertainment and Consulting, Celebrity Edge brings award-winning shows and world-famous productions to you.

Between its avant-garde, dedicated entertainment spaces and the creative production teams we’ve partnered with, Celebrity Edge surrounds you with engaging, spontaneous, and unforgettable entertainment moments that transport you from the everyday, every moment of your vacation.

The Theatre

An unexpected space that only Celebrity Edge could deliver. Expertly designed and fully contemporary, the Theater offers unparalleled entertainment in a dynamic setting at sea. Immersive acts meet innovative technology on an ever-changing stage that displays everything from whimsical productions to edgy experiences, blurring the lines between audience and performance.

The Club

Gathering space by day and a place of wild discovery by night—Celebrity Edge’s transformative venue will have you coming back for more. Experience everything from gaming and live DJ performances in this dynamic, multi-purpose space. Watch from the bar. Jump into the action. From sunrise to sunset, unexpected and engaging moments await at The Club.


Eden, like so many aspects of Celebrity Edge, represents another revolution in modern travel. It’s a space where nature is so present, we call it “a room that lives.” It’s an experience so multi-faceted and innovative, you won’t find anything else like it as sea—or anywhere. And no two visits to Eden are ever the same.

Resort Deck

A venue unlike any other outdoor space on board—or beyond. Connect with the sea from this multi-functional paradise that merges with cool innovation. Escape to the Rooftop Garden for a moment of serenity. Gaze out at the open ocean from a private cabana. Indulge in interactive dining experiences and live musical performances. On the Resort Deck, there are endless ways to be entertained.

Camp at Sea

Next level fun for young seafaring travelers of all ages. Every sailing brings a brand new adventure full of interactive experiences and amazing learning opportunities. Celebrity’s first and only fully customizable Camp at Sea program offers a robust selection of 500 activities and enriching daily programming at some of the most unique contemporary spaces aboard Celebrity Edge.

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