St. Kitts Shore Excursions: Trains, Boats, & Beaches

St. Kitts and Nevis is an enthralling island nation that can be visited on a southern Caribbean cruise, though it’s not as well known with tourists as its larger neighbors to the north. St. Kitts and Nevis may be small islands, but a stop there comes with a variety of things to do. When visiting the port of Basseterre on a St. Kitts cruise, shore excursions will help you experience the best part of the tiny country.  

One of the best ways to see a large portion of the island of St. Kitts is on the St. Kitts Scenic Railway. It’s a double-decker train that seems like it belongs in a different era. The top level is open air and provides 360-degree views of the scenery you’ll be passing, which consists of scenic coastline, lushly green forests, sugar cane fields, and little slices of the countryside of the island. This exciting yet laid-back mode of transportation is one of the most popular St. Kitts shore excursions.  

If you want to be more active during your time in Basseterre, snorkeling is a great way to do so. Opt for a Caribbean shore excursion that combine a beach break with snorkeling gear so you can relax on a pristine St. Kitts beach and easily take sojourns from the sand to glide about in the water and discover its underwater world. Or you can go on a catamaran cruise that takes you on a tour of St. Kitts and Nevis as seen from the water before stopping at a coral reef for some snorkeling.  

While deciding what to do in port, don’t forget about the Nevis part of St. Kitts and Nevis. Though your ship will be moored on the larger island of St. Kitts, several of the St. Kitts cruise excursions offer transportation there. You’ll enjoy a quick and scenic boat ride across the channel from Basseterre to Nevis. Once there, you can explore the little town by its harbor, visit breathtaking beaches, do some jungle hikes, or take a bus tour around the island.  

To book these St. Kitts shore excursions and others, you simply need a cruise reservation! Reserve your stateroom or suite and then pre-reserve your perfect excursion with our easy-to-use online booking platform before your ship sails away to the Caribbean.

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