Boarding Requirements & Checking In FAQs


Check-in Up to 48 Hours Before You Cruise


Check-in For My Cruise

When can I check-in online or in the app?

Do I need the Celebrity Cruises app if I've already checked-in online?

What is the Health Questionnaire and how do I complete it?

What is Muster 2.0?

If I check in online can I view my Xpress Boarding Pass on the mobile app?

Can I add my boarding pass to Apple Wallet, Samsung Pay, or Google Wallet?

Can more than one guest check in at a time on the Celebrity Cruises app?

How do I check in children on another reservation using the Celebrity Cruises app?

Do I have to provide a photo during online check-in?

What languages are available for check-in?

How far in advance can I check in on the Celebrity cruises app?

Am I required to set up an onboard expense account during check-in?

How do I change my onboard expense account payment method?

What happens if my battery dies on my mobile device at the pier so I can't access my Xpress Pass?

Do I have an option to upload a photo from my mobile device in addition to taking a photo?

Are there any specifications/restrictions/requirements for the type of picture I can take when I check in on the app?

What do I have to know about scanning my passport during mobile app check-in?

Can any guest check in on the app, regardless of travel document requirements?

How do I know which fields are mandatory when checking in on the app?

Do you have deck maps on the app?



Boarding Requirements


Boarding Requirements for COVID-19 or Other Pathogens

Am I required to take a COVID-19 test or be vaccinated prior to embarking on my cruise?

Are there any innoculation or vaccination needs for my sailing?

What health screening measures are being taken at the terminal on boarding day?

What if I am not feeling well in the days leading up to my cruise? What if I test positive for COVID-19 before my cruise?



Get Onboard


Get Onboard

How do I know where the port is?

How do I know when to get to the terminal?

Do you offer transportation from the airport to the pier and back?

What happens if I arrive outside of my scheduled check-in time?

Can Suite Guest Get Onboard Early?

How do I get my luggage to my stateroom?

Does Celebrity Cruises send luggage tags or should I print them?

How do I get to my Port/Terminal?

Port Of Miami

Port Everglades

Port Canaveral

Port of Cape Liberty

Port of Tampa Bay

Port of Vancouver

Port of Seattle

Port of Boston

Port of Honolulu

Port of Seward

Port of Los Angeles

Port of San Juan

Port of Barcelona

Port of Singapore

Port of Ravenna

Port of Sydney, Australia

Port of Southampton

Port of Civitavecchia (Rome)

Port of Mumbai

Port of Amsterdam

Port of Dubai

Port of Tokyo

Port of Valpraiso

Port of Rotterdam

Port of Reykjavik, Iceland

Port of Rio De Jeneiro

Port of Lisbon, Portugal

Travel Insurance

Will I require travel insurance for my cruise departing from Australia?

Do I need to purchase Travel Insurance?

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