Asia is frenetic, spiritual, and intriguing, all rolled into one. With destinations steeped in history and rich cultures, there’s a surprise waiting for you at each of our cruise ports in Asia. Journey through them with an open mind, ready to be blown away. Visit Kagoshima, dubbed Japan’s friendliest city, and go shopping in Kobe, one of Japan’s most attractive and cosmopolitan cities. Neighboring South Korea will dazzle you with Busan’s beautiful mountains and beaches, trendy street life, and delish seafood. The beat continues in Hong Kong, with its iconic skyline, protected natural landscape, world-class cuisine, and sales tax-free shopping. Keep on the cosmopolitan high life in Singapore City. Singaporeans only take one thing more seriously than shopping, and that’s their food. So, loosen your belt, get your wallet ready, and maybe an extra suitcase too. To wind down, head to the Philippines and relax at the postcard-perfect beach of Boracay. Or absorb the calm and old-world charm of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. After you’re all rested up, get an energy boost in Nha Trang, Vietnam, with its party vibe, restaurants, beaches, and bars, set among gentle hills overlooking a turquoise bay. And there’s so much more. Asia is a tapestry of experiences and our cruise ports in Asia will ensure that you sample the very best.

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