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Your Expert Leads the Way

Well-known marine and earth scientist and author of numerous popular science books, Dr. Ellen Prager serves as the science advisor to Celebrity Flora℠, Celebrity Xpedition®, and Celebrity Xploration℠, assisting with on board programming and content, naturalist training, conservation efforts, and excursion planning.

It’s Different through the Eyes of an Expert

To further enhance your Galapagos experience, we’ve partnered with world-renowned marine scientist, and our regional destination expert, Dr. Ellen Prager. Dr. Prager’s fascinating career has taken her from research expeditions in the Galapagos to popular television shows.

She knows these islands’ innermost secrets, their famous inhabitants and their unique bridge from past to future. She’s created informative films and on board presentations and worked with our shore excursion teams to create unique experiences that will bring the islands to life for you, connecting their importance in history to today’s environmental and scientific issues.