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Information for Cruises to Israel

A Mediterranean cruise isn’t just for visiting the countries of southern Europe. You can also select an itinerary that stops in Israel cruise ports. It will give you a break from the more heavily traveled countries of Europe as you get off the beaten path with a day or two experiencing the ancient history and modern day culture of Israel.

Once you arrive in our Israel cruise ports of call, you’ll be close to some of the country’s most incredible attractions and scenery. You can see religious sites in Haifa as well as mountains and the curving coastline of the Mediterranean. In Ashdod, you’ll be a shore excursion away from the wonders of Jerusalem or the city of Tel Aviv.

Israel Cruise Highlights

Most of the top things to see and do during cruises to Israel revolve around religious sites, but there are also some natural attractions you won’t want to miss experiencing.

Religious Sites

During cruises to Israel, you can see religious sites that are historically and culturally significant to three different religions: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Historic places of worship are located throughout Israel, and popular places for pilgrimages are also possible to see during cruises to Israel.

Dead Sea

Sandwiched between Israel and Jordan is the Dead Sea, a body of water that is the lowest point on earth and has such a high concentration of saline that no animals can live in it. Part of the fun of a visit here is to sit in the water as the salt keeps you effortlessly afloat.

Jerusalem Old City

Jerusalem’s origins date back to 4000 BC making it one of the oldest cities in the world. That vast history is reflected in what you can see in its Old City area, where incredible sites devoted to three of the world’s major religions are on display, all of which consider Jerusalem a sacred city.

Featured Ports

The cruise ports of Israel provide a gateway to some of the most sacred religious areas and sites in the world. During cruises to Israel, you will also visit other countries located along the Mediterranean.

Jerusalem (Ashdod), Israel

Haifa, Israel

Israel Cruise Shore Excursions

Shore excursions during your Israel cruise are an effortless way to explore the country and ensure you see the sites you most want to visit without worrying about getting back to the ship on time.

Multi-Day Adventures

Our Israel cruise itineraries often include overnights in port, giving our guests an opportunity to do a two-day excursion. During it, you’ll visit many of Israel’s top sites and enjoy local delicacies. You’ll also have an evening drive in Jerusalem and spend the night there.

Nazareth and Jerusalem

Those wanting to see areas of Israel important to Christianity often do an excursion to Nazareth out of Haifa or Bethlehem from Ashdod. In Nazareth, you’ll see the Church of the Multiplication, River Jordan, and Mount of Beatitudes. In Bethlehem, visit the site believed to be the birthplace of Jesus.

City Tours

In Haifa, do a walking tour around the seaside downtown and visit artisan shops and ancient sites. From Ashdod, take an excursion to the historic Old City of Jerusalem, the gleaming skyscrapers and city lights of Tel-Aviv, or to one of the oldest ports in the world in Jaffa.

Dead Sea Resort

Travel to the Dead Sea to experience its salty water with some luxury. The Dead Sea Resort is located right next to the Dead Sea and provides easy access to its hyper-saline water, which is said to have healing powers, plus gives shore excursion guests access to its relaxing thermo-mineral pools.

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Helpful Tips Before You Go


Plan accordingly for where your ship docks in Israel. Israel cruise ports of call for Jerusalem will actually pull into port in Ashdod, a coastal city located about an hour from Jerusalem. In Haifa, you’ll dock right in the city center and are in walking distance to shops and restaurants, plus some of Haifa’s main sites. It provides you with a convenient place to walk around and explore before or after a shore excursion if time allows.

When visiting Israel, it’s important to dress respectfully. When figuring out what to pack for your cruise to Israel, you’ll want to pack clothes that are lightweight since it will likely be hot during the months you’ll be there. It’s important that some of these lightweight clothes include shirts with long sleeves plus pants or long skirts instead of shorts. The reason for this is due to the strict dress codes at the religious sites that require elbows and knees to be covered for both men and women. Hair also sometimes need to be covered. Breathable materials like cotton and linen are great to pack. Shawls that pack up into a small ball are also helpful as they can be easily thrown into a daypack and wrapped around you when visiting places of worship.