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Colorful coastal towns nestled within the base of towering mountains, glaciers in the distance, and fjords slicing through the earth are just a few scenes you’ll witness on a Norway cruise. Olden is located at the end of Nordfjord, right in the midst of incredible natural beauty and close to some exciting activities. Cruises to Olden drop you off right in the heart of the town, making it easy to explore. While in the Olden cruise port, you’re just a shore excursion away from unforgettable experiences and sights.

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Top Sights & Attractions for Cruises to Olden

Loen Skylift

Admire miles of unspoiled nature from the lookout point you’ll reach via Loen Skylift. You’ll get a bird’s-eye view of Nordfjord and Loen Lake. At the top, you’ll also find several walking trails as well as a Via Ferrata route.

Briksdal Glacier

Olden isn’t just defined by fjords. Cruises to Olden also put you in close proximity to the impressive Briksdal Glacier. You’ll take the amusingly named troll car up the steep side of the mountain and closer to the glacier. Once there, marvel at its icy wonder and blue hue. At the base of the glacier is a winding river, adding to the beauty of the setting. Briksdal Glacier is located in Jostedal Glacier National Park.

Olden Old Church

Bring your camera and get ready to snap some photos of one of the most darling church settings in Norway at Olden Old Church. Its solitary location in a field of green backed by towering mountains is made even more picture-perfect by the small church’s red exterior and quaint steeple. Olden Old Church is a short walk from the center of town, making it a convenient sight to see during cruises to Olden.

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Top Things to Do in Olden

Mount Skala

Mount Skala is a breathtaking mountain peak to behold, resplendent in its natural beauty. For experienced hikers, Mount Skala offers a convenient trail leading up the mountainside. Since the hike can take the majority of the day to complete, it’s best to do the trek as part of a shore excursion.

Loen Valley and Lake

The Loen Valley is a gorgeous part of Norway that is accessible during an Olden cruise port of call. If you love lake life, you’ll enjoy visiting the peaceful Loen Lake, with its teal surface so calm that it looks like glass. A great way to experience the lake is by exploring it by boat during a shore excursion to Loen Valley.

Hike to a Stone Age Cave

Pretend you’re back in the Stone Age with a hike that takes you to a stone age cave. Along the way, you’ll have great views of Olden Valley, Lake Olden, and Briksdal Glacier. Depending on your excursion, you’ll likely get to enjoy beverages around a fireplace located in the cave.

Tours and Museums

Want to learn more about the glaciers of Norway? Then a tour that takes you around Olden and the fjords and includes a stop at the Norwegian Glacier Museum is a great way to discover more about the geological makeup of Norway. You can also opt for a tour that takes you along the Nordfjord Coast and visits sites such as West Cape, Kråkenes Lighthouse, Kannesteinen Rock, and Selja Monastery.

Kayak on Nordfjord

If you prefer action over a leisurely boat ride, then you can explore Nordfjord via kayak. After a brief instruction on how to use the kayak and what to be on the lookout for, you’ll be off for an unforgettable adventure.

Top Food and Drink Spots Near the Olden Cruise Port

Norway is a great place to enjoy some seafood. When in Olden, a highlight is enjoying some fish delivered right to your plate after being grilled on an alfresco barbecue. Here, the farm-to-table philosophy is about more than a trendy dining concept. Look for food items from local farms, such as goat sausage, or a traditional beef stew, called sosakjøt. Don’t miss out on locally brewed beer while in Olden.

Culture & History of the Olden Cruise Port

Tourists have been making their way to Nordfjord to see its beauty as far back as 1859, though it was more recently that ships switched to docking in Olden instead of Loen. Since then, Olden has flourished as a welcoming tourist town with a local economy dependent on farming and fishing in addition to tourism. Locals are devoted to the outdoors and preserving nature, and music is also a big part of the culture here. Travelers on cruises to Olden will likely experience this when departing the Olden cruise port, since villagers often come to dance and sing traditional songs to send off the ships and their passengers.

Olden Port Facilities & Location

Though the Olden cruise port is small, you’ll still find an information desk, bike rentals, money exchange, souvenir shops, and a public toilet. The cruise terminal is just 700 meters from the village center, and there is a parking area for tour buses to pick up passengers right outside the terminal. Taxis and shuttles usually wait right outside the terminal.

Transportation in Olden

Passengers on cruises to Olden will find that the easiest way to explore beyond the town center is on a shore excursion. You won’t find local buses, since Olden’s town center is so close to the cruise pier. If you wish to go farther afield independently, a taxi is your best bet. There is also a car rental company in town with limited inventory, so reserve in advance if you wish to rent a car.

Shopping Near the Olden Cruise Port

It’s too beautiful here to spend all your time shopping, but if you want to get a souvenir to remember your time in Olden by, then your best bet is to head to Riccovero for Scandinavian fashion or Skogstad for children’s clothing. You’ll also find more traditional souvenirs being sold in the terminal.

Local Currency & Tipping Customs

The currency used in Norway is called the Norwegian Kroner (NOK). Credit cards are also widely accepted, especially Visa and Mastercard. You’ll find that service charges and tips are usually already included on restaurant bills and taxi fares. It is common practice to tip more in upscale restaurants, with 5% being the norm and 10% considered generous.

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