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Taranto sits on the bottom of the boot of Italy and offers everything you’d expect from a Mediterranean dream destination. 3,000 years of history. Delicious southern Italian cuisine and fresh-caught seafood. And one amazing beach after another. Stroll the city’s charming Old Town. Savor the local flavors at an olive oil or wine tasting. Or venture to must-see archeological sites just outside the city, such as the excursion we offer to Sassi di Matera, home to ancient limestone cave dwellings so perfectly preserved you won’t believe your eyes.
One of Italy's most important museums is also here, dedicated to the archaeology of ancient Taras (Taranto). It houses the largest collection of Greek terracotta figures in the world, fine collections of 1st-century BC glassware, classic Greek black-and-red Attic vases, and stunning gold and jewelry from Magna Graecia, including a 4th-century BC bronze and terracotta crown.

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