Savor Fijian Sights & Sounds on Suva Shore Excursions

There’s no doubt that a cruise stopping at the South Pacific island of Fiji is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When you’re docked at the island’s capital city, Suva, shore excursions are designed to delight and enhance your time ashore in this tropical paradise. 

What better way to spend a day in Fiji on a cruise from New Zealand than on Suva shore excursions that let you kick back, chill out, tee off, plunge in, or simply lie back and enjoy the sun and sea? If that sounds like your ideal day in port, head to the Pearl Resort or Uprising Beach Resort. These exclusive seaside retreats offer a choice of activities and amenities including a waterside spa, a pool with a swim-up bar, and long and lovely stretches of white-sand beach perfect for lazing on a chaise with a cool tropical drink in hand. 

Among the the best shore excursions in Suva, Fiji are sightseeing drives that let you experience the Fijian culture up close. From your cruise to Suva, drive through the countryside to reach the Arts Village of Fiji, where an island warrior announces your arrival with the blowing of a conch shell horn. Be amazed at the traditional Fiji firewalk ceremony that epitomizes mind over body as men of the village walk barefoot across a bed of hot coals. Hear the story of how the ceremony came to be, and enjoy strolling through the village’s tropical gardens. 

Visit the tiny village of Rewa to experience another Fijian ritual, the kava ceremony. Here, you’ll be escorted to a ceremonial meeting site where you’ll share a sip from a bowl of kava made from the ground root of a relative of the pepper family. Learn about island history and customs as you watch villagers weave baskets and husk coconuts. 

Suva shore excursions that are sure to interest you if you’re passionate about food and culture are tours to the Nausori Farmers Market. Wander through this large market like a local and spot familiar and not-so-familiar fruits, vegetables, flowers, roots, herbs, and spices. See the catch of the day ready for sale, and shop for native cloth and gifts. For an in-depth look at Fiji’s vibrant spice industry, enjoy an inland drive to Suva’s Spice Farm and Nature Garden. Take a guided walk through the spice gardens, and enjoy cooking demonstrations using spices grown on the farm. While you’re here, you’ll learn about spice growing and harvesting, their health benefits, and how to use them in cooking. 

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