Kaohsiung Shore Excursions: City Sights & Sacred Places

When your Asia cruise stops in Taiwan’s second-largest city as well its largest port, you can be sure that Kaohsiung shore excursions offer the best way to experience the city sights and sacred places that you’ll most want to visit when you come ashore.

Hop on a quick ferry to Cijin Island on a Kaohsiung cruise excursion that lets you stroll Cijin Old Street, the island’s first developed area settled by the Dutch in 1642. Here you’ll find ancient buildings, Kaohsiung’s oldest temple, a small shopping area perfect for souvenir selections, and lots of seafood-based street food. Sailfish tempura, anyone? This city tour also takes you to Lotus Lake to some of the most beautiful temples in the area, including the massive Spring and Autumn pavilions that honor the god of war, Kuan Kung. Directly across from the pavilions is the Chi Ming Tang Temple and the golden-tiled roof of the temple of the Martyrs’ Shrine. At the Chiming Tang Temple, locals pay homage to Confucius and bring gifts like packets of fake money or fruit.

Take a drive along an orchard-lined road on Kaohsiung shore excursions to Fo Guang Shan, and admire the sight of the giant Buddha statue in the distance. When you arrive at the Buddhist Cultural Museum, often featured as one of the top 10 landmarks of Taiwan, you’ll hear about the mission of the museum and view cultural, religious, and educational exhibits that relate to the founding of the Buddhist faith by Sakyamuni Buddha. From your Kaohsiung cruise, see collections of sutras, ritual instruments, paintings, and Chinese calligraphy. Learn about the core values of Buddhism as you walk the Bodhi Wisdom concourse lined with significant statues. Navigate through the concourse and marvel at the Eight Pagodas that each represent different Buddhist precepts. At the opposite end, you’ll see a massive gold Buddha. 

Enjoy half-day Kaohsiung shore excursions to Tainan to explore the island’s Dutch roots. Visit Chikan Tower, built on the foundation of what was the Dutch-constructed Fort Provintia started in 1652. As you visit the museum that now occupies the site, see Dutch-era artifacts and hear about the pirate-warrior Koxinga who helped develop Taiwan, and hear the tale of the broken-legged horse.

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