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Honolulu, Hawaii: Home to most of Oahu’s population, the port city of Honolulu extends across the southern shores of the island and offers multiple fascinating attractions. From Pearl Harbor to Iolani Palace, the only royal palace in the United States, there’s so much to discover on a cruise to Honolulu. Visit the Honolulu Museum of Art for beautiful art collections that reflect Hawaii’s contemporary cultural landscape, including superb Asian art and fascinating Pacific and Polynesian artifacts. Experience the Hawaiian tropical rainforest on a short 2-mile hike along the Manoa Falls Trail or visit the 200-acre Lyon Arboretum, which has one of the largest collections of palm trees in the world and over 5,000 tropical species flourish. Then, head over to in Honolulu’s Chinatown neighborhood for tasty noodles, juicy dumplings, and fresh seafood.


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Bob’s Ukulele

Stop in at Bob’s Ukulele to purchase an evocative and quintessentially Hawaiian four-string guitar. The instruments for sale here are offered in a range of prices and quality: there are the ribbon-grained koa versions that go for hundreds of dollars, soprano ukes of mahogany that sell for $150, and touristy ones of laminated wood for about $60. 

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