Besides its lush landscape and white-roofed homes, Bermuda is much more than first meets the eye. With a remarkably rich history, its true wealth resides in its people, which boast a diverse heritage. So, once you disembark at the Bermuda port of call in Royal Naval Dockyard, you’re in for an abundance of experiences. Sports lovers can take their pick, from world-class diving in turquoise waters, to hiking, golf, fishing, and a wide range of water sports. If you rather relax at the beach, the pink sand beaches are one of a kind. History buffs will have much to explore, including the Royal Naval Dockyard and Fort St. Catherine. Discover the many notable local artists and galleries, in addition to the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art and the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Stroll the lively streets of Hamilton, with its thriving stores, delicious restaurants, and vibrant bars. During your Bermuda cruise, you’ll also visit historic New England. In Boston, besides the historic sights, enjoy the famous seafood scene and its mouthwatering specialties. Browse and shop in the picturesque city center of Portland, Maine, one of the hippest small cities in the U.S. Take in the maritime luxury that is Newport, Rhode Island, with its mansions, yachting scene, and ongoing events. A cruise around Bermuda and New England is an elegant affair, to say the least.

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