Glamorous and Energetic Buenos Aires Shore Excursions

Buenos Aires is the cosmopolitan and vivacious capital of Argentina where art and culture thrive. There are many things to do in Buenos Aires before a cruise, from experiencing shopping in glamorous boutiques on Florida Street to enjoying traditional cuisine like asados and empanadas.

On Buenos Aires shore excursions, stop at historic sites like the Plaza de Mayo, the center of town. Take a walking tour of the ornate Metropolitan Cathedral which overlooks the Plaza de Mayo in the heart of Buenos Aires.

Passengers on a cruise to Buenos Aires will see that the city is bursting with cultural institutions like the Colón Theater, an impressive opera house dating back to 1899, and the Museo de Arte Decorativo. This French neoclassical mansion was once the home of socialites and aristocrats in the early 20th century.

In Argentina, the night often doesn’t start until late, with dinner at 9 followed by bar and club hopping much later. A good night out lasts until the sun comes up. Buenos Aires tango dancing will captivate you, whether you’re watching traditional dancers or taking a class of your own.

South American cruise passengers are drawn to Buenos Aires because it blends historic sites with great shopping. Find some of the best shopping and restaurants in the city along the Recoleta Quarter, or grab a drink and admire the high-end hotels along this stretch of the city.

You can also explore the local farming and ranch communities called “pampas,” where you’ll hear live music and experience traditional horsemanship for an unforgettable afternoon. Other memorable Buenos Aires shore excursions include river cruises of the Tigre and Delta, where villas and boat clubs will pass before you.

For a full-day adventure in nature, take a flight to Iguazu National Park from Buenos Aires. Scale the granite hills, hike, or take a train ride to the massive Iguazu Falls, which is the largest network of waterfalls in the world. This shore excursion is perfect for active, adventurous travelers.

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