Hubbard Glacier Cruise Guide

Hubbard Glacier is by far one of Alaska’s most exciting natural treasures. On a Hubbard Glacier cruise, you’ll experience picture-perfect views of this glorious mount of ice from every angle on board one of our cruise ships.

On an Alaska cruise to Hubbard Glacier, witness stunning icy landscapes as your ship makes its way through frigid waters, turning from Yakutat Bay into the narrow Disenchantment Bay to come face-to-face with the towering Hubbard Glacier. The strong currents and riptides that flow between Gilbert Point and the face of the glacier cause calving to occur on a daily basis, sending massive chunks of ice crashing into Disenchantment Bay.

Witness this awe-inspiring phenomenon through the misty, chilled air of the Gulf of Alaska. Our dedicated onboard naturalist narrates the experience and helps you spot the whales, harbor seals, and otters that hunt and play in the waters of Disenchantment Bay. It’s an adventure of a lifetime.

Cruises to Hubbard Glacier

Top Sights & Attractions for Hubbard Glacier Cruises

Hubbard Glacier

Dramatically massive at about 7 miles wide, 76 miles long and as tall as a 30-story building above the waterline, it’s the largest tidewater glacier in North America. While most of the world’s glaciers are retreating, Hubbard Glacier has continued to thicken over the years.

Glacier Calving

Hubbard Glacier is a calving glacier, meaning large chunks of ice break off from the side and fall into the water below, thus creating icebergs. It is a spectacular and powerful sight to see, with some of the pieces being as tall as a three-story building.

Alaskan Wildlife

Spotting wildlife is a thrilling possibility while at Hubbard Glacier. You might see whales breaching in the waters around the glacier, or view sea lions lounging on icebergs. Sea birds often circle the glacier, looking for fish.

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Top Things to Do at Hubbard Glacier

Embark on a Wilderness Exploration Tour

While you’ll experience incredible views of Hubbard Glacier from your cruise ship, you can get even closer to this natural wonder on a shallow-draft vessel. Navigate through an icy labyrinth of towering icebergs, and marvel at the glacier’s extraordinary calving displays and native wildlife.

Wake up Early

Enjoy both the journey to the glacier and your time near it by getting up early on your Hubbard Glacier cruising day. If you won’t be admiring the view from your own private veranda, you’ll get to choose a prime viewing spot on one of the decks or lounges by getting there early.

Listen to the Naturalist

While at Hubbard Glacier, spend some of your time indoors so you can listen to the onboard naturalist describe what you’re seeing. The narration will be broadcast over the speakers in common areas, and you can turn on a channel to hear it through your stateroom’s TV.

Get a Veranda Stateroom

To take full advantage of all the views and wildlife you can see from the ship during your day sailing alongside Hubbard Glacier (and the rest of Alaska), book one of the coveted veranda staterooms or suites so you’re always just a couple of steps away from incredible views.

History of Hubbard Glacier

Named after Gardiner Hubbard, the founder and president of the National Geographic Society, Hubbard Glacier is the longest tidewater glacier in the world. It’s located about 200 miles northwest of Alaska’s capital city of Juneau. Unlike most glaciers, which are receding, Hubbard Glacier is advancing into Disenchantment Bay, giving it the nickname of the galloping glacier. This constant movement (which is extremely slow and not noticeable to the human eye) is what contributes to the regular calving of Hubbard Glacier.

Before it calves, the ice can be more than 400 years old! Keep that in mind as you’re marveling at the face of the glacier and witnessing part of its journey.

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