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A cruise to Morocco blends the influences of the southern Mediterranean with ancient Berber tradition. You’ll visit cosmopolitan coastal cities like Casablanca, with a strong French influence, and Tangier, facing Spain across the narrow Straits of Gibraltar. At the same time, there are colorful markets spilling into narrow alleyways and mountain villages where time appears to have stood still. Morocco offers a link between the old and modern worlds.

Celebrity’s Morocco cruises will take you deeper into the local culture in the tantalizing port of Tangier, where you can explore the 400-year-old kasbah, or fortress, and browse the artisan shops in the medina. You’ll also sail to Casablanca, a city immortalized by the iconic Humphrey Bogart film, now serving as the commercial and cultural hub of Morocco. Indulge in delicious French-Moroccan cuisine, shop for hand-woven carpets in the market, and visit one of the largest mosques in the world.

Morocco Cruise Highlights

Ancient Cities (Medinas)

In Morocco, each city has an old heart, the medina. These original city centers are usually a tangle of narrow streets and leafy squares, providing a glimpse of life as it used to be. Wander through the medinas in either Tangier or Casablanca and discover tiny alleyways, craft workshops, and cafés where locals chat over mint tea. Both medinas are within easy reach of the cruise terminals.

Food & Culture

Morocco has a distinctive and delicious cuisine. From clay pot tajines of couscous and delicately spiced lamb to French patisserie and sweet desserts, Morocco is an adventure for gourmands. You’ll find seafood and abundant fresh vegetables, meat dishes, spices, and dates from the desert, all blended together to create memorable feasts while you explore ashore.


The mighty Sahara, tall mountain ranges, desert oases and the long, sandy beaches of the Atlantic all make up Morocco’s diverse landscape. Ride a camel through dunes, or relax at one of the chic beach clubs near Casablanca. Explore the Caves of Hercules near Tangier, or head into the cooler heights of the Rif Mountains to Chefchaouen, an exquisite artsy village painted almost entirely in dazzling shades of blue.

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Morocco Cruise Itineraries

Morocco cruise itineraries are typically part of longer Mediterranean cruises that range from 11 to 12 nights. The two principal port cities are a relatively short distance from the southern European coastline, and form a cultural bridge between Europe and North Africa.

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Why Sail to Morocco With Celebrity Cruises

On a cruise to Morocco, you can immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of North Africa. Whether it’s an 11 or 12-night cruise, you’ll find incredible activities, dining, and adventure awaiting you.

Aboard Celebrity Infinity, you’ll find contemporary decor, gourmet dining, and blissful relaxation around the shimmering pool. Book Celebrity’s groundbreaking The Retreat, and experience an even higher level of exclusive service and comfort.

As you leave Europe behind, you’ll cross the Strait of Gibraltar to a different world. Dine on the Corniche in Tangier, browse the souks in Casablanca, ride a camel and visit the enchanting village of Chefchaouen, painted blue to reflect the heavens. No matter what you choose to do and discover, Celebrity’s cruises to Morocco will surprise and delight you. 

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