Celebrity Edge® introduces a visionary outward-facing design, and when it came to creating outdoor public spaces, we recruited internationally acclaimed architect Tom Wright of WKK to collaborate with us. With Tom’s vision, the Resort Deck offers endless ways to enjoy the outdoors and connect with the sea.

Revolutionary in its vision, the Resort Deck is encompassed by an outward-facing asymmetrical pool deck with a poolside gallery full of oversized art installations, two-story martini hot tubs, and high-ceilinged cabanas that overlook the ocean.

There’s also the Rooftop Garden, an urban playscape where you can catch a movie, have a picnic, or dance among the stars. Fly high in the sky on the Magic Carpet®, cantilevered over the ocean and connecting you to destinations in a new immersive way. Find an intimate space at the reimagined, adults-only Solarium. Or go for a run on the jogging track that spans two decks and winds up, down, and around the Rooftop Garden and terraced pool deck.

Collectively, the Resort Deck is unlike any other outdoor space at sea—or on earth.

Pool Deck

Once again, celebrated architect Tom Wright put his creativity to work when we collaborated with him to design the Celebrity Edge main pool and surrounding areas. Now the outward-facing, terraced Pool Deck a is a stunning asymmetrical space that makes ocean views and landscapes the focal point.


At the center of this space (but not the center of attention) is a 25-yard lap pool, the largest in our fleet, featuring in-pool loungers. Positioned magnificently above the Pool Bar is an ever-changing LED light art installation.

Another attention-grabbing addition to the pool deck—and another first for Celebrity—are two striking, two-story martini hot tubs, that take unwinding at sea to new heights.

Just off the pool deck are the outward-facing, cabanas. Spacious (165 square feet) and airy (more than 18 feet high), these luxurious coves invite you to climb in and get lost in the plush seating and incredible views of the sea. At night, ambient lighting turns the cabanas into intimate spaces perfect for enjoying cocktails and the moonlight glimmering off the ocean.


On the Resort Deck, you’ll find one of the most popular spots on every Celebrity ship—the adults-only Solarium. Celebrity Edge continues the tradition of offering a covered pool area where adults can unwind in luxurious style. Here, we turned again to Tom Wright for the design, and he used the ocean itself as his inspiration.

The Solarium now features a three-dimensional art wall that represents the beautiful colors and movement of the ocean. It’s the perfect complement to the serene atmosphere where you can restore both your tan and your sanity.

Rooftop Garden

One of the most carefree Resort Deck spaces is the Rooftop Garden—a living urban playscape inspired by childhood playgrounds. Brought to life with the help of architect Tom Wright, it’s a lively, spacious environment perfect for slowing down, wandering, and daydreaming.


On Celebrity Edge, the Rooftop Garden is full of unexpected pleasures day and night. Find a cozy chair, sink in, and get lost in a good book. Sip a refreshing cocktail as you gaze out over the open ocean. Satisfy your cravings with gourmet burgers, brisket, and BBQ at the Rooftop Garden Grill. Drift away to the rhythm of live musical performances coming down to you from treetop sculptures. Get caught up in a friendly game of giant chess with fellow vacationers.

Catch a movie and dance the night away as a live band plays your favorite songs. Or just lie back on a comfy lounger and gaze up at the sea of stars above you as you glide over the sea below.


Hosting an event? Treat up to 270 guests to an unforgettable outdoor experience you’d never believe you could find on a cruise ship. Your imagination is your guide in this fantastic garden escape designed to awaken the inner child in all of us.

Innovative Design

Tom Wright put his creativity to work at the Celebrity Edge main pool and surrounding areas. Together, we reimagined this space and created a stunning, untraditionally asymmetrical space that offers a distinct resort-style atmosphere. Revolutionary in its vision, the space is encompassed by an outward-facing, terraced pool deck that makes the ocean views and landscapes the focal point while you’re lounging poolside.

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