We expanded our culinary expertise even further on Celebrity Apex® in our specialty restaurants that offer new menu items to excite your palate. From prime cuts at Fine Cut Steakhouse to the freshest seafood at sea in Raw on 5—any one of our deliciously exciting specialty restaurants could be your new favorite.

Fine Cut Steakhouse

Discover this upscale dining experience for dinner with service that’s elevated to an art form and a space that’s warm and inviting with a glamorous palette of rich ruby, amber, and gold design elements. While the design creates an ambience of sophistication, the cuisine offers up the sizzle. With a wide selection of the choicest cuts of meat to the freshest, premium seafood, there’s something here for everyone.

Le Grand Bistro

Inspired by classic French bistros, the mouthwatering sights, scents, and sounds of a bustling boulangerie-patisserie will excite you almost as much as the food itself. The ambience changes from morning to evening, and you have seating options that range from the planter-edged sidewalk to the inner café with stunning views of the sea. So, every time you eat here, it’s a whole new experience.

Le Petit Chef and Family

Tabletops come to life with a brand new Le Petit Chef experience—an animated fusion of entertainment and dining, featuring dishes such as filet mignon. This new animation begins with Le Petit Chef as a 12 year old boy, who meets a girl which later becomes his wife. They go on to marry, have children and grow old together. Their life and cooking is chronicled throughout each of the seasons.

Raw on 5

Using both raw and refined elements with earth tones, pearlescent accents, and natural textures, we’ve created a sophisticated yet approachable restaurant. The dramatic raw bar display at the entrance showcases an abundance of oysters, crab, and lobsters to choose from. The menu, also available at the Magic Carpet® when positioned on Deck 5, will feature more casual offerings like shrimp salad, our signature lobster roll and sushi and sashimi prepared by our expert sushi chefs.

The Magic Carpet

When on Deck 5, Magic Carpet transforms into a casual, open-air restaurant—with a delicious new menu that features cocktails, sushi rolls, and seafood.

Rooftop Garden Grill

Whether enjoying lunch or dining under the stars, the Rooftop Garden Grill is nestled perfectly in its own delicious corner of the Rooftop Garden. Discover the ultimate in outdoor eateries where you’re surrounded by the open sky and the most incredible ocean views around while you savor gourmet backyard BBQ favorites.

Eden Restaurant

Dinner at Eden Restaurant isn’t just a meal. It’s an extraordinary culinary journey, featuring an open kitchen, innovative dishes, and three levels of design excellence. Simple. Natural. Delicious. The experience in Eden restaurant is inspired by the cuisines and regions of the world.