About Guest Account

What is Guest Account?

What is required to create a Guest Account?

What if I already have a My Celebrity account?

What are the benefits of the new Guest Account?

What information can I access in my Guest Account?

Do I need an email address to create a Guest Account?

Do I have to have a Guest Account if I do not already have a My Celebrity account?

Where do I update my mailing address?

Captain’s Club Loyalty Program within Guest Account

Why are my Captain’s Club account number, points, or status not showing in my Guest Account dashboard?

Why am I not able to manually link my Captain’s Club account to my Guest Account?

Where can I see my past cruises?

Why can’t I see all of my past cruises?

What if I also have a loyalty account for Royal Caribbean International?

Guest Account Password/Login Issues

I can’t reset my password using the security question and answer, or email link.

Are security question answers case sensitive?

When I try to log on, I receive an “invalid credentials” message. Why?

Additional Guest Account Questions

How can I add a booking to my account?

Why does my reservation number not display a booking?

Who can I call for additional assistance?

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