Remoteness Abounds on Puerto Madryn Shore Excursions

Nature lovers will be awed by Argentina’s remote, undisturbed Puerto Madryn. Though it may not be Argentina’s biggest city, there are plenty of things to do in Puerto Madryn from a cruise, and some may surprise you. Passengers on a cruise to Puerto Madryn can choose from plenty of sandy beaches for swimming, snorkeling, or simply watching the waves.

Puerto Madryn shore excursions are teeming with wildlife experiences, whether you’re kayaking with sea lions, spotting elephant seals at the wildlife preserve Península Valdés, or capturing close-ups of dolphins as they jump in and out of the water. Whales breed in this area of Patagonia from May to December, and whale watching at Playa el Doradillo is an especially popular activity for travelers.

Other can’t-miss Puerto Madryn shore excursions include seeing a penguin colony at Estancia San Lorenzo, where thousands of penguins live and interact with one another. Puerto Madryn’s animal sightings and the protection of these species make it a really special place for conservationists and animal lovers on a cruise to South America.

Puerto Madryn takes nature very seriously, and there are plenty of educational shore excursions offered where you can learn about the ecosystem. Head to Ecocentro Madryn for extra knowledge on the maritime history of the area. The Museo Provincial de Ciencias Naturales y Oceanográfico has free admission and chronicles the marine life of the area as well.

While you’re in Puerto Madryn, take an afternoon to learn about the history of the town and its strong Welsh influence. A very small group of Welsh travelers colonized the area and established Puerto Madryn in the mid-19th century. The Welsh language is even still spoken in certain towns outside of Puerto Madryn. There’s also a small museum dedicated to Welsh history in the area. Don’t forget to try traditional Welsh tea and desserts.

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