Adventure Awaits on Shore Excursions in Chania, Crete

When you’re planning time ashore from your cruise to the Greek islands, shore excursions in Chania, Crete offer a hard-to-beat array that includes ancient history, modern culture, luxurious beach idylls, and local food feasts. 

Among the most popular Crete shore excursions are those that immerse you in Greece’s fascinating ancient culture, both actual and mythical. Travel to Heraklion City to the archeological ruins of Knossos, the palatial home of King Minos, dating back to around 1700 B.C. Here, you’ll be treated to facts and legends associated with the Minoan culture. As you make your way through restored and reconstructed parts of the three-story palace, including the Throne Room, the Small Palace, and the House of Frescoes, you’ll hear how for 35 years, starting in 1893, the English archeologist Sir Arthur Evans and his team excavated the site, which was thought to be only mythical up to that point.

After touring the palace from your cruise to Chania, spend some time wandering cosmopolitan Heraklion, Crete’s capital. Starting at the Old Harbor, walk to 25th of August Street, named for a massacre that occurred in 1898. Admire the Fountain of Lions in the town center, pause for a snack or drink at an outdoor café, and enjoy browsing the shops. 

When you hear the siren call of sun, sand, and sea, head for Agia Marina seaside village for spectacular shore excursions in Chania, Crete. The area around Chania has a wealth of beautiful beaches, and the Costa Costa Beach Bar offers one of the best, boasting cool, clear water, sparkling palm-fringed sands, and umbrella-shaded chaises for your lounging pleasure.

Discover the town’s most impressive landmarks and its Venetian heritage on a variety of fascinating shore excursions in Chania, Crete. See the Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) Monastery of Jagarolon, built in the Byzantine-style during the latter part of Venetian rule. Explore the monastery’s library and museum, and visit the Venizelos Tombs, the resting place of Sophocles. Stroll through the Old Town at Venetian Harbor and be charmed by narrow streets alive with tavernas, cafes, art shops, and gift shops, and its mix of Turkish, Venetian, and Florentine architectural styles.

Enjoy a day of cultural and culinary immersion on a unique tour that takes you to a winery and olive mill in the rolling hills of the Kolymvari region. Learn about olive varieties, olive oil production, and sample local specialties as you enjoy a guided wine tasting. Hear how local artisans uphold their Mediterranean culinary traditions on your visit.

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