Sensational Sightseeing Is Certain On Cartagena Spain Shore Excursions

Cartagena Spain shore excursions are windows into the rich history of the Murcia region in which the city is located. Cartagena boasts Roman ruins, walled Moorish fortifications that surround its port, and modern-style architecture. It is a city of rich traditions that extend out to its lovely countryside, and it is home to one of the most prized breed of horses in the world, the Andalusian. All this contributes to its unique charm and its well-deserved reputation as a city worth your time to explore and enjoy in the Mediterranean.

To begin your exploration, you’ll likely want to see the city’s most popular sights including the Roman Theatre and its museum, the Palacio Consistorial, the Concepción Castle, and the Punic Wall. Check out the many Cartagena Spain cruise tours, offering guided bus tours, on-your-own or guided walking tours, and if you’re so inclined, self-balancing scooter (aka Segway®) tours.

You can delve into the city’s vibrant food and artisan crafts scenes by booking Cartagena Spain shore excursions that offer microbrewery visits and tastings, trips to the country to experience local winemaking at a family-owned winery, and a tour of Centro de Artesania de Cartagena, the local artisan crafters hall to admire and purchase local crafts, including hand-painted ceramics. If you’re up for a splurge of epic (and epicurean) proportions, schedule a Chef’s Market Discovery tour, a guided adventure hosted by a Celebrity chef that begins with a trip to the local Mercado at Santa Florentina to select the best ingredients as inspiration for the evening’s onboard dinner, followed by a trips to local restaurants for chef talks and tastings. Your day of culinary discovery continues onboard your ship with an exclusive galley tour and an intimate chef-hosted Spanish-cuisine inspired dinner.

One of the most popular Cartagena Spain shore excursions takes you out of the city and into the picturesque Spanish countryside to a hacienda for horses. It’s here that you’ll meet the Andalusians, also known as Spanish purebred horses, and known the world over as the “king of horses" and the “horse of kings”. Your guided tour of the ranch includes a chance to walk in the pasture among the foals and gentle broodmares, and learn about how they’re bred and raised. The tour includes a light tapas (snack) and wine, and a lively performance by costumed dancers on horseback, who put their famous charges through their paces for you to admire and enjoy.

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