Bilbao Shore Excursions: Northern Spain at its Finest

In northern Spain, the city of Bilbao welcomes and awes Bilbao cruise visitors with its laid-back elegance. Along the Old Quarter, or Casco Viejo, are the seven original streets making up the heart of the city.

Start with a guided tour of the city’s Old Quarter, learning the significance of buildings and architecture along the way. Mediterranean cruise passengers love to fill up on endless tapas and Spanish wine along the Seventh Street in Bilbao. On Sundays, markets selling used books, produce, and flowers invite you to slowly take in the city and get to know the local merchants.

The city is known for Michelin-rated restaurants and carefully prepared small plates that foodies will love. Bar hopping and tasting tapas along the way is how the Spanish do it, and you can too on Bilbao shore excursions. On a tour with a private chef, you’ll visit Bilbao’s Ribera Market to source ingredients, then enjoy a cooking class where you’ll learn to make different varieties of the bar snack pintxos.

Beyond its architectural charm, Bilbao is also a city of museums and history. While on Bilbao cruise excursions, art lovers should head to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao for incredible modern art exhibits, then stop at the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum for collections from the middle ages to current day. When it opened in 1997, the Guggenheim captivated the attention of the world and put Bilbao on the map.

Embark on a day’s adventure to San Sebastian, a coastal town where golden sandy beaches will surround you. Regular film festivals and cultural events mean there’s a swirl of activity San Sebastian whenever you go.

Bilbao shore excursions are also ideal for wine aficionados, where you can take a full-day wine tour of the famous Rioja wine region, passing through Spanish villages in Basque country like Laguardia, where much of the area’s wine is stored. A guided tour of the winery and wine tastings are a must.

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