The Galapagos is a dream vacation that doesn’t just have to be for adults. Families with older children and teenagers will find that it’s an incredible family cruise vacation due to the outdoor adventures and entertaining animals you will encounter.

About the Galapagos Islands
The Galapagos Islands are located in South America off the coast of Ecuador. The Galapagos Islands are famous for the wildlife that call it home. Many of the animals that live there are uniquely protected from predators due to the layout of the islands, causing a lack of fear that makes it easy for guests in the area to get close to wildlife. In addition to animals, the volcanic archipelago that makes up the Galapagos is also stunningly gorgeous with bright teal waters and islands teeming with rocky shoreline, sandy beaches, and a variety of flora and fauna.

If your kids love adventure, animals, and beaches, they’re sure to love a Galapagos cruise.

What Age is Best for a Family Vacation to the Galapagos?
The magic of the Galapagos will thrill passengers of all ages, but you know your children best so you’ll be the best judge of what age they’re ready for a Galapagos cruise. Keep in mind you’ll be taking zodiac boats around the islands for shore excursions. There also isn’t a kids club on board the ship, but don’t worry – there is plenty to keep kids entertained on board and on shore during a Galapagos cruise.

On the Ship
Celebrity Cruises ships that sail the Galapagos are smaller than the other ships in Celebrity Cruises’ fleet. This may seem counterintuitive to traveling with kids, but you may find that your kids flourish in such an environment.

Because of the smaller size, the outside environment is front and center, meaning there is always something to see or marvel at. On a Galapagos cruise you’re also spending a lot of your time ship exploring the sights that make up the Galapagos instead of blue water cruising that takes a chunk of time to sail from one port of call to the next.

Games and technology are fun and each has its time and place, but instead of that being a focal point of your child’s time on board the ship, it will be an afterthought. With no kids club or arcade room to sidetrack them, your children will be in a better place to fully immerse their attention on the unique landscape and learning opportunities the Galapagos presents.

Your children will also likely get to know most people on board. Celebrity Cruises’ Galapagos ships only carry 100 guests or less so other passengers and the crew will get to know your kids by name and will make your kids feel like they are part of the journey and actively involved in it instead of just along for the ride.

Kids love to learn and there is no shortage of that on a Celebrity Cruises Galapagos vacation. Their curiosity will be piqued by their surroundings and they’ll love the fact that there are onboard naturalists ready to answer any questions they have about the new animals and plant life they’re seeing.

What Your Family Will See on Excursions
All Celebrity Cruises Galapagos itineraries include twice-daily expeditions that turn a normal family cruise vacation into an exciting adventure where you’ll be hard pressed to hear the words “I’m bored.”

Disconnect from the real world together as a family as you become fully engaged in the scenery unfolding around you. Expedition highlights that are sure to stand out for children are the animal-focused ones.

The Galapagos Islands are home to the Galapagos tortoises and kids will marvel in the fact that these gentle giants can grow to be over five feet long and live to be over 100 years old! During your Celebrity Cruises Galapagos trip you’ll get the chance to visit the areas where the tortoises wander and be able to be right next to them.

Sea lions also call the Galapagos home and can frequently be spotted in the water. One thing that makes a Galapagos cruise truly memorable is the opportunity to actually swim with sea lions in the ocean. If the conditions are right your children are going to have an animal encounter they’ll be talking about for the rest of their lives.

Some other animals your kids are sure to find cool are the marine iguana (the Galapagos are the only place that have iguanas that are able to swim through the sea and hunt for food), sea turtles, and a wide assortment of interesting and entertaining birds, including penguins.

During your cruise, snorkeling gear is included for you to use. You children will be amazed at the sights they’ll get the chance to see beneath the surface. And you’ll likely be excited that you can entertain them so easily without having to navigate an amusement park or crowds at a beach.

Introducing Celebrity Flora
Celebrity Cruises’ fleet has long been revered in the Galapagos for its attention to eco-conscious design and conservation. In May of 2019, Celebrity Cruises will be taking this to the next level when a new ship joins its existing three ships in the Galapagos. This new ship is called Celebrity Flora and it is poised to offer an immersive, luxurious Galapagos vacation unlike any other.

To find out more about Celebrity Flora and book your spot on this innovative and intimate cruise ship experience, click here.

Book an Unforgettable Family Cruise Vacation
The Galapagos is truly an amazing place to get away from it all, reconnect with each other, and build life-long family memories. Celebrity Cruises can help get you all there. It is also an all-inclusive style vacation – be sure to check out all the amazing things that are included in the cost of this vacation – which will make this family trip an easy one to not go over budget on.

And…did we mention it’s going to be hard for your kids to get bored on this vacation? Cue the whine-free fun now and start building special, connected memories by booking your Galapagos Islands  family cruise vacation today.


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