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July 9, 2016

May is here and that means an exciting time in the cruise world — the Alaska cruise season is underway. Alaska cruises are becoming more and more popular every year. Some sailings for 2016 have sold out, but if you’re ready to plan your last minute Alaska cruise this summer, you’re in luck as there is still some availability. Here’s how to best go about planning your Alaska cruise.

Choose Your Embarkation Port

One nice thing about Alaska cruises, particularly for those living on the west coast, is the ease with which passengers can get to the ship.  Many west coasters are just a short flight away from Seattle or Vancouver, both of which are ports Celebrity Cruises sails out of. You can also fly a bit farther north and start or end your cruise right in Alaska.

How to decide between a more south or north departure port depends on what you’re most looking to get out of the cruise. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, would you prefer to save on airfare and drive or take the train to the harbor? Then a Seattle or Vancouver departure that is roundtrip may be best for you. Do you not mind a flight, but want to spend more of your vacation time right in the heart of Alaska? Then one of the one-way itineraries may be best for you; for example, you’ll depart from the port of Vancouver and then end your cruise all the way up in Seward, Alaska.

Prioritize Alaska Cruise Ports

Have you always dreamed of seeing the capital city of Juneau, or the charming stilted main street of Ketchikan? Make sure the cruise you choose stop in the ports you most want to see. If you’re having a hard time narrowing it down, a good way to figure out what you  might enjoy most is to read through some of the shore excursion descriptions for each port — which port has the ones that sound most appealing to you? Pick an itinerary that includes as many of those ports as possible.

Choosing a Stateroom

When booking a last minute Alaska cruise, it’s helpful if you can be flexible on your travel dates. One benefit of booking earlier is a better choice of stateroom locations and categories. If you dream of staying in a verandah stateroom, but they’re all sold out for the sailing you’re looking at, consider another date. (Tip: a stateroom or suite with a verandah is the way to go on an Alaska cruise for those days sailing the straits and alongside glaciers when you’ll want to soak in as much of the view as possible!)

Book When There’s a Last Minute Alaska Cruise Deal

One benefit of waiting until the last minute to book an Alaska cruise is that there are often deals to be found! Check the Celebrity Cruises Specials page for current offers.

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