The Architecture

When we set out to create Eden and The Theatre, we chose our collaborative partners very carefully. Eden, like so many aspects of Celebrity Edge®, represents another revolution in travel. It’s a space where nature is so present, we call it “a room that lives.” Our search led us to the architectural firm of Wilson Butler, led by the talented Scott Butler—a founding partner of this nationally-renowned practice dedicated to architecture for the arts.

A Celebrity Cruises® design partner since the outset of the Millennium® Class ships, Scott brings innovative design, dry wit and a deeply committed responsiveness to each project, whether it is a cruise ship, theatre, concert hall, dance studio or black box. Scott has left an indelible mark across more than 37 unique ships under the Royal Caribbean International brand and now, Eden and The Theatre on Celebrity Edge.

Scott’s Design on Edge

With Eden, Scott wanted to introduce the industry-shattering concept of outward facing spaces designed to build a greater connection between guests and the sea. What he succeeded in creating is a multi-level, architectural masterpiece, delivering a transformational space that organically blends nature with design.


In his next endeavor on Celebrity Edge, The Theatre, Scott created a contemporary space designed to blur the line between audience and performance, The Theatre immerses you in an unparalleled entertainment experience where the performances are as innovative as the space itself.

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