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When traveling with Celebrity Cruises, you don’t need to worry about sticking to your health routine. Celebrity Cruises offers many ways to eat healthy and stay fit while you sail to exhilarating new ports of call.

You may have heard stories about people gaining weight on cruises and that there are temptations everywhere due to endless buffets and free ice cream. However, on Celebrity Cruises, it’s easy to eat healthy and still dine on delicious tasting, gourmet cuisine – and even be able to enjoy some guilt-free ice cream thanks to sugar-free options.

Healthy Cuisine on Celebrity Cruises

Here are some top tips for healthy dining when cruising with Celebrity Cruises:

The Main Dining Room has a descriptive menu that is easy to understand if you are looking for certain entrees that fit with any health or dietary restrictions you have. Menu items are noted with a special symbol if they are gluten-free, free of added sugar, lactose-free, vegetarian, or fit fare. The fit fare menu items combine natural flavor and balanced nutrition without compromising on taste.

These menu annotations extend to the specialty restaurants, too. No matter which restaurant you choose to dine in while cruising with Celebrity you can find healthy menu options every night of your cruise.

If you want a menu that is entirely dedicated to healthy cuisine that is still deliciously decadent, opt to stay in an AquaClass Stateroom.

AquaClass guests on Celebrity Cruises get a spa-focused vacation that extends to dining. In addition to spa perks like unlimited access to the relaxation rooms in the spa on board (the SEA Thermal Suite on Edge-Class ships and the Persian Garden on the rest of the fleet), access to a spa concierge, and special spa amenities in the stateroom, guests staying in an AquaClass stateroom get exclusive access to Blu.

Blu is a Mediterranean-inspired dining room that serves spa cuisine that is healthy and flavorful. It is only open to AquaClass guests (though Suite Class guests can also dine there upon availability) who can eat there for breakfast and dinner each day of the cruise as well as lunch during port days and on embarkation day.

Also, one more “secret” tip about Celebrity Cruises dining that many passengers don’t realize is the Spa Café in the solarium is open to everyone and serves items that are included in your cruise fare. Located close the onboard spa, the Spa Café offers healthy options for breakfast and lunch.

Simply sidle up to the Spa Café, grab one of the plates of food ready for your enjoyment and devour a healthy breakfast or lunch tapas-style. You can also request an acai bowl for breakfast. In addition, there are a number of healthy smoothies and juice drinks you can try for an additional charge. Several tables are located next to the café that look out over the sea. Since these tables are adjacent to the hot tubs, pool, and lounge chairs of the solarium, you’ll instantly be put into a relaxed mood, making for a meal with both mental and nutritional health benefits!

Fitness Opportunities on Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises features a state of the art fitness center onboard its fleet of ships, called Canyon Ranch Fitness at SEA. The facility offers a wide variety of ways to work up a sweat.

Wake up each morning and welcome the sea horizon or the skyline of a new port with a walk or jog around the outdoor track on Celebrity Cruises’ ships. It’s an amazing view to behold while getting your cardio in and enjoying some fresh air.

If group fitness is more your thing, check Celebrity Today each evening to see what classes are being offered the following day (some classes may have an extra charge). You can find yoga, Pilates, Zumba, cycling, and more classes led by knowledgeable fitness instructors throughout your cruise.

Keep your muscle tone strong during your cruise vacation by hitting the weight room in the fitness center. This is also where you can find treadmills and elliptical machines. Continue to enjoy ocean views while working out thanks to a wall of windows.

Make Time for the Spa

Don’t forget about your mental health while on your cruise. Get rid of any lingering stress from back home by booking yourself a long massage or relaxing pedicure at the onboard spa. Facials, body wraps, and a variety of other spa treatments are also available.

Through the spa you can also participate in wellness classes. Learn more about mindful sleep and dreams, get tips for how to detox your diet, find out how to have healthier skin, and more.

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Now that you know you can keep up your diet and fitness routine while at sea, what are you waiting for? Book your cruise now by visiting Celebrity Cruises or speaking with your travel agent.

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