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Whether you’re a seasoned cruise vacationer or brand new to cruising, there’s no denying that perks sweeten the deal and make your trip even more effortless.

When you book a cruise, you can choose from different perk packages to help you customize your cruise vacation. From unlimited WiFi to unbeatable beverage packages, make the most of your vacation your way.

Picking Your Celebrity Cruises Perks

Let’s dive into the four distinct perks packages and what they offer our guests for maximum comfort and luxury. Perks make your cruise vacation even more all-inclusive, providing benefits that awaken your sense of adventure and curiosity.

PerksExtra Package

Couple on a picnic

With the PerksExtra Package, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Shore excursion credit**
  • Premium Beverage package for one guest (optional)
  • Dinner in specialty restaurants of your choice
  • Premium Wi-Fi (one device)
  • Laundry service (one bag)

For a seven-night sailing, the PerksExtra package starts at $56 per day per person. If you bundle in a premium beverage package, the cost is $127 per day per person.

**The amount of shore excursion credit and quantity of specialty restaurant dinners vary by package and length of sailing. Log in to pre-cruise planner for more details.

PerksUltra Package

Family hanging out by the pool on a cruise

Ultra-luxe and ultra-useful, this Celebrity perks package is great for families, foodies, and experiential travelers. With more onboard dinners and more onboard credit for shore excursions, you’ll be able to savor every moment onboard and in port without worry or hurry.

For a seven-night sailing, the price starts at $88 per day. For a ten-night sailing, the PerksUltra Package starts at $144 per day per person, with one Premium Beverage Package included.

Here are all the available perks in the PerksUltra Package:

  • Premium Beverage Package for one guest
  • Dinner at a specialty restaurant of your choice
  • Onboard credit for shore excursions
  • Premium Wi-Fi on one device
  • Complimentary laundry service on (1) bag during your sailing
  • Unlimited digital photos. Stay in the moment and put your camera away; our photographers have you covered.

At the end of the sailing, choose from a curated selection of photos from your vacation taken by our professional photographers. Check next year’s holiday card off the to-do list.

Woman getting a massage as part of Celebrity cruise perks


You can also use some of your credit toward duty-free shopping onboard, whether you’re stopping at Bulgari or Tiffany’s to scope out sparkling jewelry or making time for pampering yourself at the onboard spa.

Picking A Beverage Package

Starting on November 17, 2020, our new Always Included* pricing comes with a Classic Beverage Package, which allows you to order an unlimited array of water, beers, cocktails, frozen drinks, and wines by the glass up to $9 per serving throughout your cruise vacation. The Classic Beverage Package also includes a 15% discount on all bottles of wine.

Premium Beverage Packages include all of the options available in Classic Beverage Packages as well as premium coffees, freshly squeezed juices and bottled and canned juices, San Pellegrino, Red Bull, Vitamin Water, Honest Iced Teas, craft and artisan beers, premium liquors, Coca-Cola products, premium bottled water, wines by the glass up to $15, and a 20% discounts on bottles of wine.

All of our drink packages can be used in our Main Restaurant, specialty restaurants, casual dining restaurants, and all bars and lounges.

People hanging out at the Grand Plaza

Martini Bar

Stop in to watch the Martini Flair Show in the Grand Plaza, where our bartenders shake things up with lights, music, and dance. Wine lovers can discover new wine’s varieties and history at Cellar Masters, while beer lovers can find plenty of options at Craft Social for a stellar cold one.

Mixed, shaken or stirred, a pre-dinner cocktail tastes even better when you don’t have to worry about settling your tab. That’s why we offer different beverage packages to make choosing your libations liberating. We even have a Non-Alcoholic Beverage Package, including options for soda drinkers, kids, and coffee lovers.

For cruises booked before November 17, you can purchase a number of different beverage packages for a fun and carefree vacation on board.

The Classic Beverage Package starts at just $69 a day, plus an additional 20% gratuity charge, and includes your choice of beers, cocktails, frozen drinks, wines by the glass up to $9 per serving, and more. You’ll also receive a 15% discount on all wines by the bottle.

Coffee and croissant on a table

Cafe al Bacio

For just $10 more a day, you can extend your Classic choices to include non-alcoholic staples too, like morning coffee from Cafe al Bacio or a green juice at The Spa Cafe & Juice Bar. Cool off at the pool with an ice-cold Coca-Cola, plus enjoy unlimited water in one of our recyclable aluminum bottles.

With the Premium Beverage Package, starting at $84 a day plus an additional 20% gratuity charge, you’ll get all the perks of the Classic Package, plus coffees, teas, craft beer, soda products, bottled water, and wine by the glass up to $15 per serving. Premium Package holders also receive a 20% discount off all bottles of wine.

*Always Included Pricing Package must be chosen and provides Classic Beverage Package, Basic Internet Package and Tips Included, and applies to inside through AquaClass® staterooms, excluding Galapagos.  All guests in a stateroom must choose the same pricing package.

Couple sitting on a boardwalk surrounded by clear blue water


Now that you’ve done your research on the best beverage and Celebrity perks packages, you’re ready to put your feet up and enjoy your vacation. Whether you’re honeymooning in the sunny Caribbean or planning a family cruise vacation to the Alaskan frontier, we’ve got packages and amenities to suit your every need.

Once you’ve set sail, your stateroom attendant and our friendly Destination Concierges will be happy to answer any questions about your perks and how to make the most of them during your vacation. Raise a toast, book a unique experience for the family, and enjoy all-inclusive amenities at the height of luxury.

Free Vacation Planning Services

Free Vacation Planning Services