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With discipline and a bit of forward planning, you can stay in shape during your cruise vacation, all while having fun and eating what you want. In fact, sailing on ships with as many activities and dining choices as the Celebrity Cruises fleet, you can even return home in better shape than before you left.

Of course, if you’re the kind of person who hits the gym every day at home, you’ll be delighted with the range of equipment and classes in Celebrity Cruises’ onboard fitness centers. If you’re a slightly more reluctant gym-goer, though, or if you’d rather spend your vacation lazing on a lounger than pounding the treadmill, here are 15 fun cruise fitness activities and ideas to stay in shape during your vacation.

1: Jog On Deck

Teens jogging on deck

Jogging track

All of Celebrity’s ships have a jogging track on the upper deck. There’s something invigorating about running with views of the sea all around you, especially early in the morning, before the heat of the day becomes too intense, or at sunset. Set yourself a target of laps, even if it’s just a few each day.

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2: Work With a Personal Trainer

Cruise fitness - Celebrity Cruises gym


Each ship has highly qualified personal trainers on board who will discuss your goals and then put you through your paces. A few private sessions, you might find, are worth dozens of gym visits as the trainer will get you out of your regular routine.

3: Take Up Yoga

Yoga class aboard Celebrity Cruises

Yoga class

All ships in the fleet offer yoga classes, which are perfect for building strength, flexibility, and muscle tone, as well as calming the mind. If you’ve never done yoga, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s an easy option; you get out what you put in, and it can take a lifetime to master.

If you’re an experienced yogi, pack your yoga mat (or borrow one) and head up on deck for a few Sun Salutations at sunrise. It’s a magical time to be out in the fresh air when the ship is quiet.

4: Swim in the Sea

Couple snorkeling in Bonaire


Pick shore excursions that take you to good, safe swimming beaches and go out for a long swim in the sea. Do your research first and steer clear of reefs, motorized sports, and currents.

Some of the Caribbean’s best beaches are great for swimming, such as Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach; Magens Bay on St. Thomas, USVI; Honeymoon Beach on St. John; and Cane Garden Beach on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

If you’re cruising the Mediterranean, Zlatni Rat on Brac Island in Croatia is gorgeous. Here, you’ll find deep, aquamarine water around a curved spit of golden pebbles. In France, Pampelonne Beach near St. Tropez is three miles of soft sand and warm sea, perfect for a water workout.

Snorkeling, too, is a surprising way to stay fit on a cruise. If you keep kicking and exploring, rather than simply floating, you can burn between 250 and 300 calories in an hour.

5: Take the Stairs

Pushing the button for the elevator is all too easy. Why not take the stairs instead? Heading up and down between decks is a great cardio workout, especially on a ship with 16 decks, and it’s a simple cruise fitness activity. It’s also a great way to get your bearings of the ship, especially if it’s your first time on a cruise. You’re excused if you’re dressed up for the evening and are wearing heels.

6: Wear an Activity Tracker

Woman wearing an activity tracker

Activity tracker

You’ll be amazed how many steps you can notch up on a cruise by simply moving around the ship and exploring ports of call on walking tours during the day. Set yourself a target, like 10,000 steps a day, for example. If you’re a few short in the evening, aim to meet your goal with a moonlit stroll around the deck after dinner.

7: Try a Spin Class

People working out on a cruise

Spin class

Spin class is a fantastic way to stay in shape and gives you an energetic workout in a relatively short space of time; classes are usually 45 minutes. Lose yourself in the music, pump those legs, tap into the energy of the group, and burn calories.

Edge-series ships offer Ryde, a new incarnation of the spin class by Technogym, with the lights dimmed, choreographed routines on stationary bikes, and a really immersive experience. Or try Peloton, individual, high-tech bikes with big screens on which you can livestream classes and try to get to the top of the leaderboard. Celebrity Edge was the first ship in the world to introduce this kit, now an A-list favorite.

8: Push Yourself With a New Class

People working out on a cruise gym


The fitness centers on Celebrity’s premium cruise ships are absolutely state of the art, and a cruise can provide a chance to try classes that your gym back home may not offer.

LIT Bungee Fitness uses bungee cords—fun in itself, as you can dangle upside down like a bat—to create a toning, balancing, low-impact workout. F45, available on Celebrity Apex, is a heart-pumping 45-minute high intensity and cardio session, invented in Australia and now a global sensation. HIIT classes—High-Intensity Interval Training—will burn fat and build muscle.

On Celebrity Edge, meanwhile, you can pull on a pair of boxing gloves and try your hand at Cardio Boxing. If you’re brand new to the gym, opt for something gentler; there are plenty of stretch and tone classes to get you started.

9: Do an Abs Challenge in Your Stateroom

Celebrity Edge concierge class stateroom

Concierge Class Stateroom

If you prefer not to work out in the gym, challenge yourself to do a daily mini-workout in your stateroom instead. There are all kinds of 30-day abs and glutes challenges you can use.

Bring a portable speaker, put the music on, and get started. You’ll be done in 15 minutes. Encourage your partner, family member, or friend to take the challenge with you for moral support.

10: Lace up Your Hiking Boots

Couple hiking Pulpit Rock in Norway

Pulpit Rock, Norway

Some ports of call are made for exploring on foot. The Norwegian fjords, for example, are safe, picturesque, and when it comes to hiking trails, highly organized.

Alaska’s hiking trails are unforgettable, and it’s best to join an excursion as the terrain and wildlife are more extreme here. From Skagway, you can tackle the first part of the legendary Chilkoot Trail. In Juneau, instead of taking the tramway up Mount Roberts, you could hike up, or take the tram up and walk down.

You’ll find fantastic and challenging hikes in the Caribbean. Try Mount Liamuiga on St. Kitts, or the thigh-trembling hike to the top of Gros Piton in St. Lucia for absolutely breathtaking views along the island’s jungly, mountainous coast.

11: Join a Cycling Tour in Port

Couple riding a bike in Florence

Florence, Italy

Cycling is a great way to explore a new city or take in the vistas of some gorgeous coastline and countryside. Ride a Jopo, a traditional Finnish bicycle, through the parks and along the waterfront of hipster Helsinki, or pedal around the ancient city walls and through the medieval city of Lucca in Florence.

In New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, join a half-day cycle tour through lush farmland with sweeping views of Lake Omapere. Meanwhile, one of the best things to do in Astoria, Oregon is to cycle along the boardwalks of the Columbia River, taking in wonderful views.

On quirky Key West, a local guide will give you all the gossip as you cycle around the eight-square-mile island on a bright green bicycle, although the slice of key lime pie at the end may negate any calories burned.

12: Go Kayaking

People kayaking in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Kayaking is a great upper body workout and a zero-impact, peaceful way to connect with nature. You’ll also enjoy a different perspective on the scenery from such a low position in the water.

You can join a kayaking tour in ports around the world. In Dubrovnik, for example, embark on a kayaking tour that takes you around the base of the towering city ramparts and Fort Lovrijenac. A kayak tour in Bermuda takes you along the rocky coastline past tiny islets, where you’ll spot colorful fish in the turquoise water below.

In Dunedin, New Zealand, you’ll come across seals, penguins, and albatross as you paddle alongside the Otago Reserve. And Alaska, of course, is a superb destination for kayak enthusiasts, with majestic scenery in every direction and the thrill of maybe seeing a whale up close, or a family of sea otters, or even a bear on a distant beach.

13: Dance the Night Away

Dance class aboard Celebrity Cruises

Dance class

You don’t have to go near a gym to join a dance class. On sea days, you’ll often find a fun line dance by the pool, or a salsa class. Shake off your inhibitions, and enjoy the sunshine and the music. There’s music all around the ship late at night, too, whether you’re dancing in The Club on Celebrity Edge or to DJ tunes in Quasar on Celebrity Silhouette.

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14: Spend Time in The Spa

Cruise fitness - sauna


Health is a holistic matter, and a day pass to the gorgeous Persian Garden on Millennium- and Solstice-series ships, or the Sea Thermal Suite on Edge-series vessels, is going to make you feel fabulous.

Steam in the hammam, bask in the sauna, and doze off on a blissful heated tile lounger. This is another benefit of booking an AquaClass stateroom; you’ll get unlimited access to this blissful haven.

A little help from science is possible, too. On Edge-series ships, The Spa offers CoolSculpting, cooling technology that freezes away love handles and wobbly stomach fat. Many people swear by it—and a session or two may help shift those stubborn few inches.

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15: Embrace Healthy Eating

Acai bowls from The Spa Cafe

The Spa Café

The variety of food on Celebrity’s ships is nothing short of spectacular for staying healthy at sea. You could start the day with green juice or a smoothie from the Spa Café. Head to the Oceanview Café for lunch and have your server assemble you an enormous salad with crunchy toppings and all the colors of the rainbow; the salad bar here is so good, you’ll want one back home.

There are plenty of low-fat, low-carb, and vegetarian choices, too. In the evenings, whatever regime (or not) you’re following, you can always go a little healthier. There’s no obligation to have four courses. Say no to bread rolls, skip the fries, go for grilled rather than pan-fried dishes, and go easy on the desserts. You can always ask for a small portion.

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Couple eating at Raw on Five

Raw on 5

Healthy doesn’t have to mean tasteless. On the contrary, you only have to see the mouthwatering display of fresh seafood at Raw on 5 or Sushi on Five to see how healthy and decadent can go hand-in-hand. If you book an AquaClass stateroom, meanwhile, you’ll have the option to eat your evening meal in Blu, a soothing, serene space with spa-inspired cuisine.

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Summer squash salad from Blu


Ready to set sail and enjoy a healthy, active vacation? Browse our range of exciting cruises in over 300 worldwide destinations on our website.

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