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Planning to explore Cozumel with your kids? Beautiful white-sand beaches, dazzling reefs for snorkeling, jungle adventures, exciting food, and culture all combine to make your time here unforgettable.

There are organized beach clubs for families who prefer to relax in the sunshine and play around on the water toys, or more remote spots where wildlife and nature are the stars. Kids will love bumping along dirt tracks on ATVs, trying their first scuba dive, or learning how to make a bar of chocolate.

Whether you want to see how many sea stars you can count in one snorkel trip, swim among gentle whale sharks, or spot crocodiles lurking in coastal lagoons, a trip to Cozumel with kids will create special memories for the whole family.

Take a Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran ride in Cozumel

Catamaran ride

Who doesn’t love a day out on a boat? Take the family on a catamaran cruise along the coast of Cozumel to a private white sand beach and the thrills and spills of Fury’s Aqua Park.

Here, there are kayaks, paddle boards, and a selection of inflatable water slides and water trampolines to play on, as well as snorkeling over vibrant coral reefs. For adults, the beers and margaritas flow, while kids can enjoy unlimited sodas.

Cozumel is famed for its thriving corals and teeming marine life. Accompanied by a qualified guide, you’ll see colorful sponges, dazzling corals waving gently in the current, and tropical fish in shimmering shades. There’s also a good chance of spotting sea turtles and lobsters.

Refine Your Taco Technique

Tacos on a platter


Taco making is a great activity for the whole family. At a masterclass in Cozumel, you’ll also prepare salsa and guacamole, both essential accompaniments to a good taco.

You’ll learn to make authentic corn tortillas and prepare different styles of taco. Dorados are topped with tomato, cheese, and sour cream. Cochinita pibil tacos come with diced onion, pulled pork, and spices, while tacos de guisado include all sorts of fillings, from pork to beef, chicken, sausages, a rich mole sauce (featuring chocolate), diced potatoes, chilis, tomatoes, and cheese.

Kick Back at Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

Lush landscape of Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

Punta Sur, as the name suggests, encompasses the southern tip of Cozumel and spans 1,000 hectares of pristine beaches and saltwater lagoon systems. This is one of the best things to do in Cozumel with kids if you’re a nature-loving family.

Take a guided snorkel tour over the reefs and admire brightly colored sea fans. On land, take a jeep tour to look out for basking iguanas, coatimundi, and pygmy raccoons, which are smaller (and cuter) than common raccoons.

Head up the observation tower to look for crocodiles lurking in the shallows of the lagoons, or take a boat trip to get closer to these prehistoric-looking reptiles. Climb up the steps inside the lighthouse for sweeping views across the south of Cozumel.

Play at Playa Mia Grand Beach Resort

Aerial view of Playa Mia Grand Beach Resort

Playa Mia Grand Beach Resort

There’s no way your kids will complain about being bored at Playa Mia Grand Beach and Park. This is a private resort that’s packed with more than 20 activities, from water slides to kayaks and paddle boards, as well as a pirate ship, a lagoon pool, and a floating activity park.

Aside from being one of the best water parks in the Caribbean, the beach itself is gorgeous. Here, you’ll find soft, white sands and crystal clear waters for snorkeling, and palm trees and parasols for shade. There’s an extensive buffet for when you need to refuel.

Learn How To Make Chocolate

Chocolate tour inside Mayan Cacao Company

Mayan Cacao Company

The whole family will enjoy an interactive workshop about the origins of chocolate, which was made in Mexico some 4,000 years ago by the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. This workshop takes place on a terrace overlooking the sparkling Caribbean, making the experience all the more pleasurable.

You’ll learn about the history of chocolate and make your own bar. There are various chocolate food pairings to follow: chocolate and red wine for adults, as well as chocolate martinis, and cocoa and chocolate cake for younger visitors.

Try Scuba Diving

Scuba diving, one of the best things to do in Cozumel with kids

Marine life in Cozumel

Scuba diving is one of the best things to do in Cozumel, and it isn’t just for adults. Kids who are over 10 years old, confident swimmers and, ideally, have some snorkeling experience, can join a beginner’s course in Cozumel with a certified PADI dive instructor.

The day includes an orientation, and a chance to try on full scuba gear and practice breathing underwater. The biggest thrill is a 30-minute dive with the instructor down as far as 25 feet, to spot colorful fish and spectacular coral.

Admire Mayan Antiquities

Historic ruins of San Gervasio

San Gervasio

Granted, not all kids will be initially enthused about a lesson in Mayan history, but Cozumel’s San Gervasio is a fun and educational short trip while you’re on the island. You can see it in about one to two hours, so there’s plenty of time afterward for the beach.

Historic ruins of San Gervasio

San Gervasio

The antiquities stand in the jungle and have been identified as a pilgrimage site where the Mayans worshiped Ixchel, a goddess of childbirth and fertility. The site was occupied as early as 200 BC and, as well as being a place of worship, was an important commercial center.

Visit the Mayan ruins with a guide who will bring the mysteries of the Maya to life. One of the structures, Las Manitas (“little hands”), bears red handprints, the origin of which isn’t known. Some believe they are the handprints of a god, while another theory is that they’re a form of graffiti left by pilgrims who came to worship Ixchel.

Swim With Whale Sharks

Whale shark spotted in Cozumel

Whale shark

May to September is whale shark season in the waters off the Yucatan Peninsula, and you can join a boat trip to spot these gentle beasts.

Don’t be put off by the name; a whale shark filter-feeds on plankton and will barely take any notice of a human near them in the water. They can grow up to 36 feet long, making them the world’s largest fish.

Whale shark spotting tours offer you the opportunity to get in the water with these gentle giants, which can be a real thrill for teens. Anybody who doesn’t want to swim with them can observe them from the boat.

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Count Starfish at Playa El Cielo

Starfish spotted in Playa El Cielo

Playa El Cielo

Playa El Cielo is one of Cozumel’s most beautiful beaches, with white sand and astonishingly clear water. As well as the beach, there’s a shallow sandbar offshore, which is accessible by boat.

Snorkeling here is like swimming in an aquarium, with spectacular marine life in abundance, particularly colorful sea stars. Kids will also love spotting blue tang as well as angelfish, sea turtles, and stingrays.

A trip to Playa El Cielo is a great opportunity for kids to start learning about underwater photography, thanks to the clarity of the water and the sheer number of sea creatures. Investing in a GoPro for your trip to Cozumel with kids is a good idea.

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Bargain for Souvenirs in San Miguel

Visit San Miguel, one of the best things to do in Cozumel with kids

San Miguel

Cozumel is a great place to shop for souvenirs with kids as there are plenty of affordable items—and a little bit of haggling can be fun.

Silver jewelry and beaded bracelets are a good buy, as are lace items, embroidered cotton dresses in traditional Mayan style, and locally made hammocks, which can be folded up small to take home.

Souvenir shops in San Miguel

San Miguel

Colorful ceramics make fun gifts, as does Mexican chocolate and bags of coffee. Budding chefs will want to stock up on vanilla, too.

There are retail opportunities all over the island, but one of the easiest places to shop in Cozumel (and people-watch) is Plaza de Sol in the center of San Miguel.

Jump Into a Cenote at the Jade Cavern

Trail leading to Jade Cavern

Jade Cavern

The Yucatan Peninsula is famous for its cenotes, or freshwater sinkholes, and Cozumel, although an island, is no exception. These natural water holes had great spiritual significance to the Maya, who used them for sacrifices and fertility rituals. Cozumel has around 80 cenotes, all connected by underground rivers.

The Jade Cavern, one of the most famous, is a cenote of cool, green water overhung by dramatic stalactites and greenery. It’s accessed via a 30-minute off-road drive in a special ATV, which is fun for all the family.

You can take a cooling dip when you arrive (although kids won’t be able to touch the bottom as it’s very deep). The brave can jump off the rocks 20 feet into the water.

Get Close to Nature at Isla de la Pasion

Turquoise water of Isla Pasión, Cozumel

Isla de la Pasion

Isla de Pasión is a sandy, partly wooded strip of an island just off Cozumel’s north coast. This is a more rustic experience perfect for families who want to explore different ecosystems like mangroves, forest, and lagoons, as well as Caribbean coral reefs offshore.

You can paddle a kayak, looking out for aquatic species, or walk with a guide through the mangroves, where you can see large iguanas and birds.

Along the beach, there are palapas for shade, as well as hammocks for the full castaway experience. Kids can play in the inflatable water park, or join a game of beach volleyball. There’s a full buffet and an open bar to complete the perfect beach day in Cozumel.

Sample Snuba at Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Snuba at Chankanaab, one of the best things to do in Cozumel with kids


An alternative to scuba diving is snuba, in which you wear the same basic gear—fins, mask, weight belt, and regulator—but you don’t carry a tank on your back. Instead, you’re fed compressed air through a tube from a tank on the surface.

Snuba allows you to go deeper than you would with a snorkel, and you don’t have to keep coming up for breath. It can be done with no scuba qualifications and is suitable for anybody eight years old and up.

Aerial view of lush Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park

Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park is a great place to try snuba. This beach and jungle playground is within the National Reef Marine Park, a protected area where marine life thrives, so there’s plenty to see.

Bring an underwater camera as a visit to Chankanaab is a chance to see a series of dramatic bronze statues that have been installed on the sea bed, some of which are over 14 feet tall.

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See Turtles & Stingrays at Playa Palancar

Clear waters of Playa Palancar, near Cozumel

Playa Palancar

One of the best places for families to snorkel in Cozumel is the beautiful Playa Palancar on the southwest of the island. The water is exceptionally clear here, and the Palancar Garden Reef, which lies between 30 and 80 feet deep, teems with life.

Sea turtle spotted in Cozumel

Sea turtle

Snorkel out over a gently shelving sandy seabed to reach the reef. On the way across, look for stingrays that have buried themselves in the sand, emerging suddenly and gliding across the ocean floor. Floats are available for kids who are not strong swimmers.

Once you’re at the reef, the whole family will be transfixed by the colors and forms of the coral, and the sheer variety of fish. Sea turtles are a common sight, drifting gracefully through the blue. Butterflyfish and angelfish flit around the corals, while grouper patrol the deeper water like guard dogs.

Dive Deep in a Submarine

Not so keen on getting wet? Or do you just want to dive down deeper into Cozumel’s endless blue? Then the best way to admire Cozumel’s underwater world is on the Atlantis Submarine.

Marine life in Cozumel

Marine life in Cozumel

You’ll head out to the edge of the island’s reef, which suddenly drops off to more than 2,700 feet deep, although you’ll only dive to depths of around 100 feet. Admire the colors of the coral and the spectacular fish, from big snappers and groupers to stingrays and even sharks.

You’ll glide over a sunken ship, 95 feet down, that’s gradually being colonized as an artificial reef. Everybody gets a window seat, so kids will be mesmerized by the experience.

Visit Playa Mia, one of the best things to do in Cozumel with kids

Playa Mia Grand Beach Resort

Is your family ready to be captivated by this memorable island? Browse our Cozumel cruises and book your next adventure.

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