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Memorable, sun-kissed, and oh-so-romantic, Aruba is steeped in superlatives. From the softest fine-white sands lapped by the clearest Caribbean waters to the most flawless backdrops for a pampered spa day, romantic places abound for those on a honeymoon in Aruba.

Famed for its laid-back, smiling approach to life, Aruba is the perfect place to celebrate the island lifestyle as newlyweds. With beachfront bars and dune-backed hideaways, walking hand-in-hand along the shoreline is a given. But beyond the beaches, couples seeking something a little different are equally spoiled.

Whether you’re dreaming of spending your honeymoon in Aruba sneaking away to secluded bays, sauntering along the sands on horseback, or exploring the island’s more offbeat adventure-ready terrain, you’re in for a treat—this pocket-sized Caribbean paradise packs in plenty for couples of all kinds.

Sasariwichi Dunes

Fine sands of Sasariwichi Dunes

Sasariwichi Dunes

With around 40 named beaches dotting the island’s 43 miles of coastline, there’s a shoreline for everyone—though not all of Aruba’s beaches were created equally. One of the most magical landscapes to visit on your honeymoon in Aruba is the Sasariwichi Dunes.

Serene and secluded, the gently rolling landscape of the Sasariwichi Dunes in the island’s Noord district is romance personified. Tumbling towards the rough and wild Westpunt Beach, the sandy mounds—sometimes referred to as the Arashi Dunes—are a cinematic setting for a romantic photoshoot.

Once at the water’s edge, you’ll have left the crowds and resorts far behind. Follow the trail further still to reach the end-of-island Westpunt, where dramatic waves swell and an almost private slice of paradise awaits.

California Lighthouse

Beautiful view of California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse

If you prefer your romantic vistas from above, climb the narrow staircase leading to the California Lighthouse’s viewing platform. Standing tall alongside the Sasariwichi Dunes, the 98-foot-high tower promises 360-degree panoramas over Aruba’s north.

Completed in 1916, the famous lighthouse has been working as a warning beacon for over a century. Named after a steamship wrecked off the coast some 30 years ago, the building retains the title of the tallest man-made building in Aruba until this day.

With far-reaching views across powder-white Arashi Beach, the island’s scrub-coated interior, and the dazzling waters beyond, there’s no better place to snap your Aruba honeymoon shots.

The Gold Mine Ranch

Sign at the Gold Mine Ranch

Bushiribana Gold Mill

Aruba dazzles from all angles, but for a different perspective on your Aruba honeymoon, how about exploring some of the island’s more hidden secrets on horseback?

Moments from the ruins of the Bushiribana Gold Mill—central to the island’s 19th-century gold rush—The Gold Mine Ranch offers private horse riding experiences suitable for both experts and budding equestrians.

Aruba honeymoon - The Gold Mine Ranch

Bushiribana Gold Mill

During the ride, you’ll hear of Aruba’s gold mining history while exploring the lesser-visited northeast coast.

Tracking the shore together, secluded romantic beaches, footprint-free dunes, and azure-coastal views unfurl as your trusted, four-legged friend helps you access harder-to-access terrain.

Crossing scrub-coated dunes and cacti-dotted landscape, the trail through Aruba’s Hidden Valley always returns to the sea, with lagoons and natural pools providing an unforgettable finale.

Eagle Beach

Aruba honeymoon - Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach

North of Manchebo Beach, the pristine and less-developed sands of Eagle Beach provide a welcome retreat. Fine crushed-coral and limestone sands offer some of the island’s softest shores, with the Caribbean’s bath-like waters lapping just beyond.

A favorite destination for couples on their Aruba honeymoon looking to capture some iconic photos, the beach is home to two of Aruba’s famed Fofoti trees, their verdant crown reaching towards the sea due to the island’s trade winds.

View of Eagle Beach at sunset

Eagle Beach

A popular destination in Aruba to admire the end-of-day golden sun dipping below the horizon, Eagle Beach is a memorable setting to watch one of the best sunsets in the world. With a few beach bars dotting the shore, it’s an ideal place to toast the end of the day with an Aruba Ariba, the island’s signature fruity cocktail.

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Bubali Bird Sanctuary & Butterfly Farm

Emerald-hued hummingbird spotted in Aruba

Emerald-hued hummingbird

If you’re seeking the chance to reconnect with nature on your honeymoon in Aruba, then the verdant wetlands of the Bubali Bird Sanctuary offer migratory bird immersion.

Just north of Eagle Beach and only a short stroll from the coast, this protected zone feels a world away from any other area on the island. With some 80 species of migratory birds frequenting the vegetation-rich waters, these artificial ponds are best admired from the central observation tower.

Shaded from the sun inside the structure, a little patience will reward you with possible sightings of snow-white egrets, yellow-crowned herons and bobbing coots. Aruba’s indigenous species can sometimes also be sighted, including the orange-bodied troupial and emerald-hued hummingbirds.

Butterfly at the Butterfly Farm in Aruba

Butterfly Farm

One of the best things to do in Aruba is to visit the Butterfly Farm on the lake’s edge, inviting you to enjoy another unique wildlife experience, with countless exotic butterflies flitting around the rainforest-style enclosures.

Mangel Halto

Clear waters of Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto

Some of the best experiences you can enjoy on a honeymoon in Aruba are found in the island’s waters themselves. From shipwreck scuba diving to catamaran sailing trips, watersports of all kinds are seemingly endless.

But beyond the big hitters, one of Aruba’s more accessible and memorable underwater experiences is found a little closer to the shore: snorkeling with turtles.

Aruba honeymoon - Mangel Halto

Mangel Halto

At Mangel Halto, a pocket-sized mangrove-flanked beach, you’ll find a serene escape. With plenty of healthy colorful corals and shallow, clear waters, this is a reliable spot for sightings. You’ll need to swim out a little to reach the reef, but the schools of tropical fish and turtles are well worth renting fins and masks for.

Slightly further south of Mangel Halto, near Savaneta (where snorkel and scuba shops provide gear rental), you’ll find Flying Fishbone, an enchanting spot for a romantic seafront lunch. One of the island’s highest-rated seafood bars, the plates stacked with juicy grilled tiger shrimp and seasoned scallops are as delicious as the shimmering azure views.

Arikok National Park

Aruba honeymoon - Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park

Covering almost 20 percent of the island, the rocky, desert-like and cacti-strewn landscape of the Arikok National Park provides some stellar alternative activities on an adventurous Aruba honeymoon.

From tours of sacred caves adorned with ancient Arawak drawings to swell-friendly surf beaches at Dos Playa, this untouched and protected area is often otherworldly, making it one of the best places to visit in Aruba.

Landscape of Conchi Natural Pool, Arikok National Park


The park stretches from the island’s interior to the northeast coast, and you can easily spend a full day exploring here. However, most couples choose to make a beeline for Conchi, a remote and rugged photogenic natural pool carved by the waves.

Swimmers are greeted by ocean spray showering over the surrounding volcanic rock formations while the turquoise waters inside the “bowl” remain relatively calm. With cars banned in this zone, you’ll need to arrange a tour by horseback or four-wheel drive to reach Conchi, and these will often include visits to some of Arikok’s other notable attractions.

Renaissance Marketplace

View of Renaissance Marketplace and the waterfront of Aruba

Renaissance Marketplace

No Aruba honeymoon would be complete without sampling all of the island’s combined cuisines, and at Renaissance Marketplace, you can try them all under one roof.

Aruba’s gastronomy has seen many influences over the centuries, with Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese dishes becoming staples alongside the local Caribbean cuisine.

From Dutch waffles and Cuban-inspired plates to freshly caught sushi and perfectly crafted cocktails, Renaissance Marketplace bundles a little bit of everything together on Oranjestad’s waterfront.

Thanks to the building’s open sides, the ocean air keeps the dining and drinking options breezy, while live music, entertainment and performances regularly bring the upscale mall to life in the late afternoon and early evenings.


Street view of Oranjestad


No matter where you spend your honeymoon in Aruba, chances are you’ll pass through the island’s colorful capital en route—and skipping straight through the charismatic city would be a mistake.

Whether you want to shop in Aruba for artistic souvenirs in the local boutiques, take some playful honeymoon photos in front of pastel-hued Dutch architecture, or learn more about the island’s history, the city has plenty of special moments to share.

View of the iconic Willem III Clock Tower in Aruba

Willem III Clock Tower

Inside the late 18th-century Fort Zoutman and Willem III Clock Tower, a small museum provides a preface to Aruba’s history. But if you’re eager to dive a little deeper, then the National Archaeological Museum, with its multi-millennia-spanning collection, is a must-visit for cultured couples.

De Palm Island

Flamingos in De Palm Island

De Palm Island

If there’s ever an occasion that calls for cocooning yourself in a romantic cabana on a private island, it’s an Aruba honeymoon.

But De Palm Island isn’t only about reclusive corners and clam-shaped sandy bays; it’s an island escape complete with watersports and slides.

Once you’ve enjoyed a tranquil day paddling in some of Aruba’s clearest shallow waters, it’s simply a matter of choosing how best to fill your day.

Clear waters of De Palm Island

De Palm Island

Admire the local flamingos along the beach, hop aboard a banana boat ride and see who can stay above the water the longest, or don snorkeling gear to explore the house reef together.

With a cocktail bar and two delicious restaurants to choose from, you don’t even need to return to the mainland to enjoy a romantic sea-view lunch.

Or, of course, you could just while away the afternoon in your secluded cabana, occasionally descending the private staircase into the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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SS Antilla Shipwreck

View of SS Antilla Shipwreck

SS Antilla Shipwreck

Add a spot of adventure to your honeymoon in Aruba by scheduling a scuba diving trip to one of the island’s many shipwrecks. Perhaps the most notable scuba diving spot in Aruba is the remains of the SS Antilla Shipwreck, a 1939 German vessel that was purposefully sunk during World War Two.

After many decades at the whim of the waters, the vessel has found a new purpose as an artificial reef. Shoals of fish linger around the colorful corals, and many of the ship’s rooms remain somewhat intact, allowing experienced divers to venture inside.

For couples seeking a special memory on their vacation, strapping on a tank and exploring the ship together is a must. With an experienced local diver instructed to guide you and hopefully take some unique honeymoon album photos, you’ll return back to the island with a new respect for the underwater world that Aruba is known for.

San Nicolas

Street view of San Nicolas

San Nicolas

Locally known as the Sunrise City, southern San Nicolas isn’t only worth visiting during the early hours. It offers a more authentic taste of the Caribbean than perhaps anywhere else on the island, so couples who venture to Aruba’s second city will be rewarded with a melange of art, culture, and uninterrupted beaches.

Surrounding the main promenade of Zeppenfeld Straat, street murals and creative artists have brought color and personality to once-forgotten lanes.

With a couple of museums dedicated to Aruba’s carnival and local history, and the occasional sound of steel drums ringing through the air, it’s an offbeat corner of the island steeped in culture.

Inside some of the creative boutiques, such as ARTISA Gallery, you’ll even find a little slice of the Caribbean to take home with you.

Fine sands of Baby Beach

Baby Beach

Further south in San Nicolas’ peripherals, you’ll also find some of the island’s most dreamy shorelines. Baby Beach, with its shell-shaped bay devoid of development, is one of Aruba’s finest hideaways.

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Druif Beach

Fine sands of Druif Beach

Druif Beach

Not to be confused with the less tamed Druif Beach on the island’s north coast, this curved bay of light-honey sand leisurely leads towards Eagle Beach. With a handful of romantic seafood restaurants and shady spots just back from the water’s edge, it’s a paradisiacal setting to lay out your towel during an Aruba honeymoon.

White sands of Druif Beach

Druif Beach

Still, Druif Beach is a little less peaceful than some of the island’s other bays due to its central location, compensated by all the fun and Aruban food on offer between dips.

Water sport rentals, such as kayaks, SUP boards and jet skis, will help you enjoy adventures on the calm waters together, while the relaxing Ocean View Bar, marking the start of Divi Beach, is the perfect place for a refreshing do-nothing cocktail day.

Alternatively, set up your base under a thatched-roof palapa and enjoy the comings and goings of the pelicans, which perch on the poles rising from the cyan waters.

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People hanging out at Palm Beach


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