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Whether you like to indulge in food, sport, relaxation, games, or education, there are endless cruise activities aboard every Celebrity ship.


On our ships, you'll be surrounded with one of the world's largest permanent collections of contemporary art, complete with an exciting art program where you can attend live art auctions, educational seminars, and fantastic art exhibitions.


Keep your cruise memories close to your heart. Professional photographers capture special moments of your cruise, including the excitement of embarkation, evening chic shots, dining in restaurants, fun at the pool, and more. Photo opportunities come with no obligation to purchase, so feel free to smile for the camera! Your favorite photos and portraits can be viewed in the Photo Gallery the following day.

Celebrity Cruises Entertainment and Celebrity Life Activities

We simply can’t squeeze any more drama, music, gaming, thrills, and entertainment into any single day. From morning until night, there are literally hundreds of different activities happening on a Celebrity cruise ship. The only question is, which ones are perfect for you?

Health & Wellness

A Celebrity cruise is a perfect opportunity for complete personal rejuvenation, and you'll discover many ways to do just that. If you have a passion for all things "wellness," we've designed a collection of activities to rejuvenate you inside and out. Or the most of your vacation time and continue your land-based health and fitness routines.

Hot Glass Class

Learn how to work in molten glass to create your own brilliant artwork and functional tableware. Now, on board Celebrity Solstice®, Celebrity Eclipse® and Celebrity Equinox, you can experience our Hot Glass Class, where you'll create a beautiful flower, starfish, bowl, vase, or other memento to take home.


Aboard every ship, Celebrity's European-inspired piazza and elegant galleria hold riches of chic sophistication. Marble walkways lead you to modern boutiques and fine jewelry stores, where you'll discover prestigious watch brands, stunning fashions, exquisite gems, cosmetics, fragrances, and more.


Enjoy an exciting arsenal of outdoor activities designed to keep you on your toes and challenge your competitive spirit. Brush up on your basketball, ping-pong and golf putting skills, join a friendly game of Croquet or Bocce at the Lawn Club, or play pool volleyball with ship officers.

Our Crew, the People Behind the Uniforms

Luxury on the High Seas