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The third-largest city in Croatia, Rijeka is a bustling port (the largest in Croatia) that offers equal parts charm, culture, and history. The city is host to many festivals and Croatia’s largest and most colorful carnival. From shopping in the lively central market and exploring Korzo, Rijeka’s busy promenade, to exploring the cathedrals and historic buildings, this city offers something for everyone who visits. And we’ve got the shore excursions to prove it. From a visit to one of the most famous villages in Croatia (and one of the most dramatic—portions of the town are at the top of a stunning cliff that drops off into the Adriatic) on our Vrbnik Village in Krk Island tour to a walking tour of the old part of Rijeka where you’ll discover cathedrals, the Croatian National Theater, and quaint cafes and bars that are as inviting as the people of Rijeka.

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Boutari Wineries

Make a reservation well in advance to tour Boutari Wineries, known for its sprawling vineyards and modern glass-walled facility. After walking through the estate, head to the tasting room to sample Cretan wines such as Cava Boutari and Fantaxometocho—both reds—and snack on Cretan plates such as ntakos, bread with tomato, feta, and olive oil.

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