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24-hour In-Room Dining

If there ever was a seafaring city, La Coruña is it. It's been a port and gateway to world travelers for over 2000 years. And from almost any spot on your La Coruna cruise, you can witness spectacular panoramic views of the ocean.  La Coruña is the capital of Spain’s Galicia region and boasts some 2000 years of history. Much of it can be discovered along the streets of its “Ciudad Vieja” or Old Town. Here, cobbled lanes roll up and down hills, winding past gothic churches, stately plazas, imposing fortifications and all manner of medieval relics. At the blustery tip of the city looms the Tower of Hercules, a still working Roman lighthouse, built in the 1st century AD, when its beacon marked the very limits of the civilized world. Beyond the shadows of history, you might find yourself bathed in sun-drenched bliss on a spectacular beach, or trying on the latest fashions found along the shopping streets of this commercial and cultural hotspot.

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El De Alberto

If you’re a fan of fresh seafood and artfully prepared plates, dine at El De Alberto. Dishes such as tender shrimp, artichokes topped with foie gras, and caramelized mangoes served alongside Iberian pork are delivered to your table by waiters as knowledgeable as they are affable.

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