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Cherbourg offers everything you could want from a seaside town in France: beautiful gardens, cute little shops and appetizing restaurants. As a port, Cherbourg is a maritime institution with a major role in early transatlantic travel, submarine building, and nautical pastimes. One look at its massive man-made sea wall or bustling piers, and any seafaring adventurer will feel right at home on this cruise to Cherbourg.  The best place to watch the town’s history unfold is at La Cité de la Mer, a museum, aquarium and oceanographic complex set within the old transatlantic ferry terminal. You can even step inside a nuclear sub for a slightly claustrophobic, but entirely thrilling, adventure. Head outside the city and follow the French coastline to find rustic fishing villages nestled between green hills and the granite-carved shore. Dining in Cherbourg is a distinctly French experience with bistros offering superb wines, fresh oysters, tartines (open sandwiches), foie gras and many other favorites. Throughout the city, the fish and seafood is fresh off the boat and absolutely delicious. Cherbourg also offers plenty of great shopping opportunities, from bustling open-air markets to the charming shops of Old Town. Take a stroll just behind the waterfront and you’ll find an assortment of boutiques and artisan shops lining the cobbled streets. 

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Take a detour along the coast to Mont-St.-Michel, an abbey that’s dramatically situated on its own island just off the coast of Normandy. The first structure was built in 709 A.D., with construction continuing for hundreds of years. Pilgrims still scamper across the sands at low tide to reach the Mont—dodging the threat of fast-moving waters.

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